Nintendo's Back-to-the-Future Philosophy

Nintendo's position in today's gaming culture is unique. The company is simultaneously tied to the first memories many players have of gaming, and dedicated to driving innovation. This results in a binary split in the company's releases.

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ZoidsRaven3243d ago

It's too bad that the people who say "Nintendo has lost their way" will obviously ignore articles like this.

baum3242d ago

It's not that I don't like Nintendo's games, it's that me, like many other people, want to see Nintendo create groundbreaking new IP that is *not* for the whole family, but that is probably not gonna happen. Many gamers probably expected Nintendo to grow-up with its fanbase as technology advanced, but Nintendo thought their fanbase wouldn't grow up. Advances in technology are important to games because whatever is under the hood is what allows you to display the game, and well... it's not just about graphics, it's about everything else. So even though tech advancements will sometime hit a wall, that wall is still quite far away.

So yeah, even though their games are still games of quality... people sometimes just want to be told good stories even if the gameplay is not so new, though great gameplay is always welcome. It shouldn't have to be always about Mario and new gameplay.

It would be interesting to see Nintendo's take on other genres, MMOs (Pokemon has lots of potential), Horror (certainly not Luigi's mansion), Tactical Espionage Action (like MGS or Splinter cell), and heavily cinematic games such as Heavy Rain, which are not just sex and violence and yet are aimed at mature audiences. I am sure that with Nintendo's expertise in videogame development, they could re-define some genres.

Why can't Nintendo try that for once? New IP too, please.

ZoidsRaven3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

My post wasn't about the people asking for new IPs from Nintendo, but I'll make the reply anyway.

If you want new IPs so bad, try looking for them on google.
Nintendo is releasing games that are more-so familiar to their older fans like Sin & Pinishment 2, Punch-Out, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Excite
Bike: Wii, ETC.
Nintendo is (like I said before) more-so releasing games that their old fans like/know about then worrying about new IPs.

And who said that they needed to be "M" rated?
They shouldn't waste their time making more "M" rated games just because a little few people think they are grown up.

If their games have quality, need their be a problem? Is gaming no longer about games? Guess so.
And it isn't always Mario, if you read ANY of my posts you would have known that by now. Guess not.

Is the Wii's life time over? No? Then how do you know that you won't see those games on the Wii?
Anyway, you're right. It would be good if Nintendo made a MMO game, but the thing is.... They almost got all genres, if they want to do MMOs, they will. just not now.

MS, Nintendo and Sony have their ways of doing things. Not everything is or has to be the same, it's the way of the world.

And as for the new IPs you want so badly, I'll list them. But here is the deal, I don't ever want to see your arguments about Nintendo needing new IPs if I list them.
Because that would show me that you don't really read my posts.
Here I go.

-Cosmic Walker
-Dynamic Slash (which has a new name now)
-Monado: Begining of the world
-Disaster: Day of crisis

7 minutes on google/wiki..

*looks at my last post's disagree*
I see what you did there. 7_7