Biggest Game Impact On Me Is...

DualShockers writes: "Having been out of commission for the last couple days with some family issues to take care, I can come out and say I'm feeling a bit better enough to post at least one article. So here I am. I don't just have ONE BIG GAME IMPACT. Coming from a kid who grew up playing Ms. Pac Man, Mr. Do, and Circus Charlie, I can say many games have made an impact on my gaming career, you could say."

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taz80803246d ago

Interesting story, good to hear how games impact everyone differently.

Chadness3246d ago

It's hard to nail down one single game for me, as a conglomeration of quite a few made me the gamer I am today.

iiprotocolii3246d ago

Agreed. There are some games out there that have impacted me - can't say that only one did... but one DID kind of distract me from what was happening at one point in my life.