EA restructures Battlefied: Heroes pricing; fans enraged

EA restructures Battlefied: Heroes pricing; fans enraged

EA and DICE have dropped a bomb on fans of Battlefield: Heroes: the price for items using in-game currency has been jacked up, while the price for funds purchased using real cash has been lowered. The net change? Gamers now must pay to play with the same weapons they've been long enjoying for free, or they have to grind for hours to earn them. Heroes has become something it used to mock.

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komp3242d ago

Of course gamers will be up in arms about it because they have no guns to hold.

Trebius3242d ago

It wasnt that great...too goofy for my taste...

legendkilla3242d ago

this is not a good trend to start :( damn EA

badz1493241d ago

but at least it's still free to access unlike WOW which you need to buy. but I'm not into too much Heroes as it's not feeling too much like a BF game(I have Bad Company for that) and my connection is not that good thus lagging like all the time(which is weird because there's virtually no lag when playing online on PSN!)

Mikeyy3241d ago


Wow Charges Monthly because it features 500000000000 times the content of any console game.

Poor Comparison IMO.

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HolyOrangeCows3242d ago

They weren't about to keep it free forever. Making everything free at the start was simply promotional.

DiffusionE3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

lol...I guess they really aren't the "noble devs" that people claim they are a few weeks back. Bottomline - "Don't trust any dev. EVER."

Kushan3242d ago

What's this? EA suddenly got Greedy? I am absolutely SHOCKED!

JonnyBigBoss3241d ago

This game...............


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