iPhone Review: 365 Puzzle Club | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "There's more to 365 Puzzle Club fortunately, with a Season mode where you can undertake different puzzles one after another to 'complete' the year as well as a quick play mode meaning there's plenty to keep puzzle fans busy. Throw in Facebook Connect functionality and 365 Puzzle Club is a pretty well rounded product. It's a game that is solely aimed at Sudoku/Kakuro/Tenpenki fans but this is to its credit as it does exactly what you want with no excessive flashiness or pointless game modes to make it noticeable to non-Sudoku fans. This is an ideal game for puzzle fans at a great price."

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bgrundman3340d ago

What the hell kind of a game is this?

roblef3340d ago

not one you're gonna buy? lol

wondroushippo3340d ago

Y'know, this could have some market. Old people, mostly.

bgrundman3340d ago

Looks like it is cut from the same mold as Sudoku. DO NOT WANT!

roblef3340d ago

My grandmother might like this one. Maybe.

ewanaiton523340d ago

Call me old hat, but I'm actually interested in this. I love sudoku to an uncomfortable degree.

starven3340d ago

WTF? So much for good waste of money.