Mass Effect 2 News: Social Apps, Character Loyalty, and More

BNG's James Pikover sat in on a round-table conference with BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka, who answered questions about Mass Effect 2. Here's what you didn't know.

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Tony P3296d ago

No unlimited ammo? Eh. I actually liked how they worked the idea of near infinite ammo into the lore. And I don't really want to constantly look for ammo drops in a RPG. God knows that's why I don't carry a bow in Dragon Age.

militant073296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )


infinite ammo was the best thing they did in 1, I hated fallout 3 because of the stupid ammo, too many guns with soo limited ammo, i spent most of time with melee weapon.

Nihilism3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Jut found this, straight from bioware:

"• “Was that a reload animation I saw in the demo?” Like in the first game, most of the futuristic weapons in Mass Effect 2 do not require ammo but they do overheat. The difference now is that instead of waiting for your weapon to cool, you can hit a button to eject a small heat sink to immediately cool the weapon and get back into firing. So it’s a similar system but now you are in control of the cooldown. "

There isn't limited ammo, the writer of the article is a dipsh!t, you just have a mechanic that's the same as reloading, but still with unlimited ammo

Tony P3296d ago

Found a real interview:

"Your weapons overheat like they do in Mass Effect 1, but they overheat into cells that are part of a clip, and you can find these universal clips of thermal heat sinks. It's similar to an ammo system; it kind of limits the number of shots you can do before you run out of thermal heat sinks. There difference is, it's something that can add tension to combat without you actually having bullets that can be expended...As you run around the environment, you're picking up these thermal clips."

Tbh I'm kinda like what's the dif? Ok, so you're not hunting for ammo, you're hunting for "thermal clips". Is that any better than hunting ammo drops? Doesn't sound like it. :/

Nihilism3296d ago

I think what it means is that your weapons overheat like they used to, but you can use the thermal things to instantly cool the weapons down, so it's optional really, just means that if you have them you can go in all guns blazing and not worry about long cool down

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THE MAX SPEED 213296d ago

probably for the better and making the game harder.

inSaneELF3296d ago

It sounds like the game will be a little more action-driven.

MajestieBeast3296d ago

Are pc and 360 version getting same launch date or close to each other?

GameOn3296d ago

Yes, I think it's the same date or within days.


I'm eagerly awaiting the superior PS3 version next year to be announced at E3.

JohnTheBaptist3296d ago

While you are waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a ps3 version which will never appear, I will have completed the game and be playing another of the fantastic games that are set to land for the millions of Xbox 360™ fans worldwide in 2010.


just like Ninja Gaiden 2, Bioshock, Braid, Castle Crashers, Star Ocean 4, Lost Planet, Tales of Vesparia, Eternal Sonata, Kayne and Lynch, Dead Rising just to name a few?

Cry Moar!

Nihilism3296d ago

I'm not sure if the spelling mistake at 1.2 was intentional or not, but I just thought i'd let you know that you appear to have spelled 'more' as 'moar', either this was an innocent mistake, or the lamest of childish cliche's, but I thought i'd take it upon myself to inform you, to save future embarrassment.

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