Your 2009 Holiday Budget: Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3

Which is the better console for you and for the holidays is a question only you can answer. From exclusive software offerings to robust online features and frequent updates both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 offer a multitude of entertainment.

Our list of features and costs for each console are in no way set to give either console an advantage over the next. We are only showing the obvious as some breakdowns may show an edge depending on the consumers need. To keep our platform breakdown simple we have decided to list all the available console types for the Xbox 360 and PS3, their 2009 exclusive software line-up and of course their list of online features.

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Bumpmapping3244d ago

Let me break it down for you....

It Only Does Everything.Nuff said :)

Johnny Rotten3244d ago

A buddy I work with was going to pick up an xbox but instead went for the PS3 due to the inclusion of wireless and the free online.

He has three kids so including himself that would be an extra $340CAD to shell out.

lordkemp0073244d ago

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thereapersson3244d ago

Have a bubble. That was a wonderfully-crafted story!

LordMarius3244d ago

Exclusive 360 flops
Banjo Kazooie 0.6 million
Ninety-Nine Nights 0.38 million
Ace Combat 6 0.72 million
Lost Odyssey 0.82 million
Blue Dragon 0.53 million
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 0.2 million
Too Human 0.64 million
Scene-It 0.53 million
Scene-It box office smash 0.46 million
Chromehounds 0.4 million
Shadowrun 0.39 million
You're in the movies 0.43 million
Lips 0.5 million
Prey 0.28 million
Tenchu Z 0.33 million
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise: 0.33 million
MotoGP '06, 0.26 million
Ninja Blade 0.17 million
Viva Piñata: Party animals 0.17 million
The Idol Master: 0.07 million
Leisure Suit Larry Box office Bust 0.07 million
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad 0.05 million
Lips #1 Hits: 0.04 million
Ridge Racer 6 0.2 million

Timed exclusive flops

Ninja Gaiden 2 0.96 million
Tales of Vesperia 0.45 million
Alone in the Dark 0.39 million
Vampire Rain 0.15 million
Eternal Sonata 0.24 million
Overlord II 0.18 million
Overlord 0.41 million
Infinite Undiscovery 0.54 million
Star Ocean IV 0.55 million
Last remnant 0.59 million
Beautiful Katamari 0.26 million
C&C3:RA 0.29 million

Multiplat 360 flops

SFIV PS3 = 1.45 million, 360 = 1.29 million
DMC4 PS3 = 1.26 million, 360 = 1.17 million
VF5 PS3 = 0.5 million, 360 = 0.2 million
Batman Arkham asylum PS3 = 1.26 million 360 = 1.06 m
Burnout Paradise PS3 1.12 million X360 1.09 million
Dynasty Warriors 6 PS3 0.62 million X360 0.27 million
Bladestorm PS3 0.22 million X360 0.09 million
Tekken 6 PS3 0.56 million X360 0.26 million


DMason3244d ago

A little biased dont you agree?

That multiplat list of "flops" isnt even a tenth of the size of PS3 multiplat flops or even exclusive flops.

I love hypocrisy.

Tesselation 3603244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

dude your life must be really really boring and goes to show what ps3 gamers spend their time on lol

Last comment was perfect tough. No one cares about ps3 cause the list is 10 fold the size of that one but you wont see me compile a list for u all. I have better things to do like finishing forza 3 and AC 2. I am also waiting to see some new halo reach stuff. We gonna be awed with graphics we never seen before.

Jump in.

awesomeperson3244d ago

Yup your gonna be awed with graphics you've never seen before. I could agree with you, if I wasn't around when things like Crysis came out.

How do you know how good the graphics are? You've seen a few dodgy shots? Yup your cool... My bet is it will look slightly better than Gears 2 but quite a bit worse than Killzone 2. The 360 simply CANNOT handle sheer graphics power, unless Halo Reach comes with an optional 500 dollar addon graphics card, which is only first party compatible and would usually cost 50 bucks. Would also break down 60% of the time.

Well you might never have seen Halo Reach graphics, but I would have seen better a long time ago.

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