The Xbox 360 Elite Special Edition Halo Bundle now in Canada

In preparation for the holidays, Microsoft today unveiled the Xbox 360® Elite Special Edition with Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST, two full games from the best selling Halo franchise. Available at retailers across Canada starting December 1, 2009. Action fans will enjoy the premium Xbox 360 Elite experience at an even greater value. In addition to including two of Xbox 360's biggest blockbuster titles, the Xbox 360 Special Edition includes a 250 GB Hard Drive, two black wireless controllers and matching black Xbox 360 Headset for just $399.99 CAD.

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CommonCent3247d ago

I guess that Amazon posting was right.

FamilyGuy3247d ago

I thought ODST had Halo 3 in it (that was why it's 2 disc) or maybe it's only missing Halo 3s campaign mode, either way it seems pointless to ship both those in a bundle instead of ODST plus some other game. I think they might just be trying to get rid of their remaining Halo 3 disc since not many will buy it now that ODST is out.

IdleLeeSiuLung3247d ago

The Halo 3 campaign is not included in ODST. ODST multiplayer includes all the maps released for Halo 3 so far.

So there is an overlap, but giving just ODST is no the complete package.

hazardman3247d ago

I think it's a good bundle...

hikayu173247d ago

I guess Microsoft haven't learn the lesson of the old 399 elite or ps3 yet . It doesn't matter how good of a deal a bundle is . If the price tag ain't low , it ain't selling . The ps3 had amazing value even at 400$ , much more than this bundle IMO , but it didn't sell well and I don't think his will . Plus 250gb ps3 is now 350$ and there are amazing bundles out there with free games , bluray , remote control or hdmi and stuff . From regular consumer stand point , those seems like a better deal than extra controller or halo . Face it , any halo fan out there already have a 360 ( or two or more ) . Instead of that , i imagine wireless n or g adapter and xbl gold card would be a much better and complete bundle than that .

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3247d ago

"I guess Microsoft haven't learn the lesson of the old 399 elite or ps3 yet"

The difference is that consumers can still purchase an Xbox 360 (Arcade model) for $199.
With Sony's Playstation 3, you either forked over tons of cash, or you simply couldn't own one.

Bundles like this one are not aimed at a mass audience. That's what the $199 360's are for.

Ju3247d ago

$399 360 is aimed at who, exactly ? Well, maybe Halo fans, but are there any left who do a) not have the game(s) and b) not have an 360 ? No way a $399 360 sells.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

They are aimed at the people who want them.

I'm not trying to be a smartass, I'm simply saying that some people like special edition bundles and are willing to pay the $399 price tag.
It's just another option for gamers. Everyone can still buy the $199 one if they so choose.

I would love to purchase one of those Modern Warfare 2 bundles, but I don't have enough disposable income at the moment.

hikayu173240d ago

"They are aimed at the people who want them"

my whole point of the comment is : WHO would want them ? halo fan ? didnt they already got a 360 , got 1000G on both ODST and halo 3 ? i know people who love to collect special stuff like CE of a game , limited bundle and stuff . but at 399$ for something already have , it's way TOO steep .

"Bundles like this one are not aimed at a mass audience"

well excuse me but since when did microsoft left the mass market ? EVERYTHING they've done is aimed the mass market . suddenly they just make a super car and expect people to trust their brand and buy them ? im not Pachter , but i know dam when that if you manufacture something that people dont buy much , you're losing money ! and the last time i check : microsoft loves money more than YOU ! ( that goes for every corporation out there btw )

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champ213247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

i would rather get a 5870 gpu for 300usd.

that is around the power for 5 xbox 360's

imagine all the games running at 60fps 1080 full aa even on a 2-3yr old pc.

imo 400cad is just too much, when i can get the most powerful current gen gpu cheaper then that.

Stationfan3247d ago

Wow Microsoft should just rename the xbox 360, the "Halo 360"

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