360 scores another RTS: World in Conflict announced!

Just a few days ago, PC gamers throughout the country were graced with the beta (you can still sign up!) to the unique, upcoming RTS title, World in Conflict. Almost instantaneously, praise for the title rang forth: players absolutely love its fast-paced, non-traditional gameplay. Now, shortly after, news of a Xbox 360 version of the title has been revealed. Yes, you read correctly: the most anticipated PC RTS of the year is coming to the Xbox 360.

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TheMART4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Ah please Robotz Rule, the '!' is in the original title of the link.

Why isn't the '?' in this title being removed?

"Diablo 3 at BlizzCon 2007?"

It's on the main page.

@ kewlkat007 (below)

Thanks for that. Shows people are taking different measures. Can't understand it either. If something is used in an original article title, I'll take that, if it gives that little extra. I think this news is worth the '!' that Xboxic gave it ;-)

The most anticipated PC RTS of this year on 360 also... Insane

TnS4739d ago

Would you submit an article with !!!! in the title just because it is in the original?

Do not use exclamation marks (!) in your sentences.

drtysouf214739d ago

people submit stuff and leave the site so they don't know if it gets reported but IMO if its something small like exclamation points report once but still approve i mean which makes more sense a good story sitting in pending because it has to many exclamation points and not many people getting to see it or one thats approved with bad editing but people still get to see the news or article? Then again people who have submitted before should know better then to submit it like that. Either way i think people getting the news is more important then a few exclamation points.

PS: IMO this goes for everyone i'm not agreeing or disagreeing with TheMart or anyone else for that matter its just my opinion.

kewlkat0074739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

TheMART - contributor
Published: 19 minutes ago:(360 scores another RTS: World in Conflict announced!)

Bad Editing: (44 minutes ago)
Remove "!" off story title/headline
Reported by: Robotz_Rule

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DARK KNIGHT - contributor
Published: 3 days 7 hours ago | News | PlayStation 3

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Robotz_Rule - YOU were the FIRST to APPROVE this story 3 days and 7 hours ago. What's up with that?

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RuJoshin - contributor
Published: 3 days 1 hour ago | Video | PlayStation 3

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snoop_dizzle (1) - 3 days 2 hours ago

Robotz_Rule - YOU were the SECOND to APPROVE this story 3 days and 2 hours ago. What's up with that?

AGAIN, RuJoshin - " The TV commercial says so, so it must be true!" How did this (!) slip by you Robotz_Rule? It was the ONLY sentence under the HEADLINE.
***************************** ****************************** * ****************************** *****

1. What's the DIFFERENCE between the (!) on "theMARTS" POST vs the (!) on DARK KNIGHT's and RuJoshin POST 3 days ago?????

2. So really, whats the big deal with this HEADLINE? You have some Explaining to do..Hopefully your Dog, didn't accidentally click the Approve button...

Just keepng it real..

WilliamRLBaker4739d ago

""Do not use exclamation marks (!) in your sentences.""

IT says nothing bout exclimation points being in the original title, or using exclaimation points in the title whatsoever.

techie4739d ago

Wow kewlkat, that was some incredible detective work. Maybe though, they learnt from their mistake. As it really shouldn't be done whether it's in the original title or not.

WilliamRLBaker4739d ago

the guidelines dont say that. they say ""Do not use exclamation marks (!) in your sentences.""

without a mention about titles, original titles...ect

kewlkat0074739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I just want gamers to be FAIR thats all.

I can see some gamers don't really care if the (!) is in the TITLES and thats FINE and DANDY, but to APPROVE something not once but twice within the last 3 days and attack theMART for his post is just wrong.

After all, this is a NEWS site and guidlines have to be followed, but PLEASE try to be FAIR, the least you can do. FANBOY or NOT, everybody deserves to POST news they are happy about regardless what system of choice they have choosen.

There are POSTERS that post news from all 3 Consoles and Extra headlines, Negative or Positive. Then there are those, that POST just on whatever CONSOLE they currently own or is EXCITED about. Hey nothing wrong with that, I could care less.

Whatever gets you EXCITED about gaming, I LIKE NEWS, that why I come on this site. The hypocrisy is UNREAL.

techie4739d ago

Will. When I took the contributer test I was given a choice of two article headings. One had an exclamation mark at the end, the other did not. The right headline is the one without. So I know what the rule is after taking the test, and having similar reports in the past.

Although it is amusing that some people are slightly hypocritical (whether they mean to or not) the rule remains the same, and if it's broken once, doesn't mean it should be again.

Anyway! I like the way you set out your first post Kewlkat. There's a lot of people who can learn from that (kevin with essays, I'm looking at you)

wolfgang4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Wow kewlkat007!
Bubble up for all that hard work.

WilliamRLBaker4739d ago

the guidelines mention nothing about exclaimation marks in the title, as well the test? the question you mention has 3 exclimation marks. this has one.
so....take that how you want to take it.

Lex Luthor4739d ago

Why is it ok for people to submit articles from sony protection group but not ok to use one lousy exclamation mark which was on the original article. Wonders never cease i guess.

FeralPhoenix4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Now that is some blatant bias right there....Deep, I won't pretend that it doesn't happen on both sides, but saying, "Maybe though, they learnt from their mistake." -just doesn't sound creditable IMO. I mean everyone has a preference, and while I don't condone "hating" comments on either console, I do think that reporting positive news or approving negative news of the console for biased reasons is f-kd up.

Also it doesn't state "!" as being a rule breaker for the headlines, however I don't remember exactly what the test says....either way it should be stated in the guidelines so you can easily refer to the rules when in doubt. I understand that the rules have been put in place to keep the site professional. -It's no big deal to me but since we are discussing it I think there seems to be a little contradiction as far as the rules go, because the guidelines clearly state to always use the original headline UNLESS it does not make sense when "read" on N4G, so keeping a "!" wouldn't change whether or not the news makes sense, and if the news itself is written professionally then I don't know what the big deal is as far as professionalism goes. -Although "some" have twisted this rule in their favor so they can change the headline on their post and use it to put a "more positive spin" or "more negative spin", thats totally different from the original headline, just to get which is worst? -From what I noticed that problem has gotten better, though. Now if indeed you are not suppose to include "!" in the title even when its part of the headline I think the admin(Dusty) should make a distinct clarification within the guidelines.

BTW, C & C is awesome on the 360....very, very challenging IMO. I've been spending as much time as I can playing the Halo3 Beta but after that I'm going to get back to C & C, the campaign is really good. Its great to see another RTS coming, especially if this one is as good as claimed.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4739d ago

Thy do not work on consoles....Well I don't see how they work..can anyone enlighten me

Numark4739d ago

well, why dont you play one of the 2 on the 360. C & C 3 plays very well on the 360 and it almost feels natural.

eques judicii4739d ago

not only that, its selling really really well on the 360...

its become a viable option for developers now.

The BS Police4739d ago

Is becuase most RTS's are ported from a PC to a console and the controls are radicly diffirent.

They work well if they are developed for a console in mind.

BIGBAER4739d ago

I still play LOTR Battle for Middle Earth, the first RTS for the 360. C&C, the second RTS for the 360 is great, manic fun! You have to play these games to really see just how nicely RTSs play on the 360.

I'm looking forward to playing World in Conflict.

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Dr Pepper4739d ago

There goes another $60 of mine.

Numark4739d ago

yea, if this announcement is true (hope it is)

Even though I may be spending to much on games this year, becuase there is honestly a ton of great games coming to the 360.

Overlord (very under-rated game)
Two Worlds
Madden 08
Mass Effect
Halo 3
Assasins Creed
Half-Life 2 Orange Box
Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare
Alan Wake

And i know the ps3 has some great games coming out too, that is not the point of my post (cant both consoles have great games come out? because thats the truth). I am just saying, there is a lot of great games for the 360. And this is a game I was looking forward to on the pc

Dr Pepper4739d ago

Yeah, I hope it's true. It looks like a great game.

I also agree that Overlord is under-rated, it's bringing a very unique style of gameplay and features to gaming. I will definitely be buying it.

UrukHaiPT4739d ago

This is very good news :)

The game is just awsome.

Whos interested in know more about game, and read cool interviews, can go to Wic journal.

Enjoy :)

FadedDRFT4739d ago

But wait!!! Didnt they say this would be ps3 aswell?? i dont care, am buying it!

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