Free Pizza on Bill Gates

Well, sort of... just posted the "Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday Party-In-A-Box" promotion...
Here's the scoop:

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joemutt5794d ago

I got my free pizza coming!!!

Plus you get 1,000 free MS points!!!!

Free music downloads, cool!

Thanks Bill, I'm getting pepperoni!

Dick Jones5793d ago

Don't give children false hope Bill. In the new age of Free Trade Jobs are either going over seas or filled by illegals.

beaucauchemar5793d ago

An on-time system launch without delays. Quality, customer-suggested updates. Great list of games and quickly growing. FAIR PRICING. Now even an attempt at something as personal as helping gamers start their own party? Amazing. And for a company as big as Microsoft, astounding. With everything that Microsoft has promised and delivered, Sony hardly has a chance. Sony is officially dead to me.


BOOSTIN5793d ago

what a great promotion!! i doubt sony would EVER do anything like this for their customers. theyed probably go bankrupt from the PIZZA TAB!!! LOL M$ is awesome and always hooking us up!!

dfb19775793d ago

Come on Bill Don't forget our little island. We have alot of hungry gamers.

Sphinx5793d ago

I didn't think you guys ate pizza :)

dfb19775793d ago

I live on Goodfella's La Bottega pizza's. Love em.

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The story is too old to be commented.