"New Halo Reach Info Soon?"

It seems by a twitter update on Bungies twitter profile stateing " Big day today! Informing some external guests about Reach so they can then inform you all. " What does this mean ? Maybe a preview to some external sites and critics or talks about the Halo Reach premier on December the 12th. Hopefully its some info about the game, so gaming websites can give a preview.

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Bungie3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

It's not that big

but still big

December the 12th will be huge for this year

EDIT: it's about halo reach

that's all i can say for now :)

Elven63241d ago

You don't really think this guy works for Bungie, do you?

Saaking3241d ago

Probably a trailer. Hopefully a long when with ACTUAL GAMEPLAY and not fake CGI which we the game will never look like.

deadreckoning6663241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Until M$ drops the price to $200 or at least $250 AND included Wi-fi as a standard, I ain't buyin no 360..even though I think Halo Reach will be revolutionary.

Edit: I agree Saaking. ACTUAL GAMEPLAY is a must if they wanna show fans that they are deviating from the usual Halo and doing something more special this time around.

@Alpha-Male- U make a good point. Killzone 2 IMO isn't even in the same ballpark as that 2005 CGI trailer. I don't understand why fanboys say that KZ2 SURPASSED the 2005 trailer. That's absurd. It's not even an opinion really. It's just B.S.

I agree that KZ2 surpassed the trailer in SOME parts like the amount of colors on screen, but OVERALL, no way. A quick comparison of facial expressions show that KZ2 is quite far from the Killzone 2005 trailer as far as visuals are concerned.

"Killzone 2 deliver AND surpassed expectations. On the other hand, Bungie's own CGI trailer didn't even come close to the finished product."

Saaking, I thk ur trying to spin this. Bungie NEVER passed off any CGI trailers as actual gameplay. In 2005, Sony attempted to pass off the Killzone CGI trailer as ACTUAL GAMEPLAY. It was LATER that Sony said it was a tech demo.

-Alpha3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Kinda like Killzone 2, eh? XD

I can care less if they release a CGI trailer. I'm sure they will continue teasing until they reveal something big at a specific time, maybe VGAs.

I have faith in Bungie as I do in any other respected dev team, so I'll just go with the flow so to speak.

WLPowell3241d ago

I think he means like Halo 3 and Halo ODST...

Saaking3241d ago


Killzone 2 deliver AND surpassed expectations. On the other hand, Bungie's own CGI trailer didn't even come close to the finished product. VERY disappointing, which is why I hope they don't lie to us again with bull shots. I want actual game-play to get an image of what to expect.

albert_2753241d ago

Oh, Bungie did not make those CG trailers. Heck, they didn't even make their own cutscenes in Halo 3: most were outsourced to another company. They did make their own in ODST though.

Saaking3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

We'll just have to wait and see won't we. I'm expecting Bungie to come up with something as good as KZ2. If they don't then there's really no point and there's NO excuse. They have a ton of funding, a new engine, and time. If they can't pull of something as good as KZ2 it will CONFIRM that the Ps3 is indeed far stronger.

Nac3241d ago

No, it really didnt.

3241d ago
Xi3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I think there are a few games that look better then killzone 2, including but not limited to.

Mirrors edge, MW2, uncharted 2.

With several more coming up in the pipline.

One thing I love about owning multiple consoles is that I'm not blind to the fanboy glasses that seem to turn what would be objective posts into completely irrelevant subjective posts about graphics, and case and point is people saying that KZ2 looked better then their cgi renders. KZ2 looks good, but it's not as good as every playstation fanboy makes it sound, plain and simple. Yes I thought it was the greatest looking console game released, but the more I see new games the less impressed I am and the more impressed I get by what could be.

PS3Freak3241d ago

Uncharted 2 is the only game that really looks all around better. Mirror's Edge was very colourful and looked good, but not better than K2.

Silly gameAr3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )


Yes, it really did. 'i watched trailers from the old E3 Killzone 2 trailers, and compared them with the full game release.

Yes. They did.

Youtube is your friend....sometimes.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

i thought fear2 was pretty much better than kz2, cause it runs with 4xaa on 360 and 1080p on some PCs.

3241d ago
Xi3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Tell me, what type of background in computer science do you have to say such things? Show me your degree. How many siggraph and gdc conferences you've attended, or even read online. How does the basics of a 3d pipeline even work? Tell me what has killzone done technically that no game ever has?

Yes it's impressive, but it's not the be all end all of graphics. And artstyle continues to prove it's importance now more then ever. Deffered rendering has been done before (stalker), there have been better character models, larger levels, higher res textures, game with more aa, better full screen effects, more characters on screen, and the list goes on.

I'd say that both killzone and U2 look so good because of art-style moreso then technical achievement. And I'd say that games like mw2, tf2 and mirrors edge, mirror that statement.

And another point is that even openworld MMO games can look good when given a similar landscape as that in kz2.

again playing to the fact of how important art-style is compared to technical abilities.

Killzone 2 is impressive, but it's no longer the best.

-Alpha3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Whoa wait a minute. You need Reach to be inferior in order for you to prove to yourself that PS3 is stronger? Is that what this is about? PS3 is a far more capable machine than the 360.

Reach doesn't have to produce graphics like Killzone anyway. Since when is a game about graphics? I mean really, it's like you make expectations and then plan on seeing them fail. Graphics will always be outdone but it's true artistic flare in a game that makes something timeless. Just look at something like Shadow of the Colossus...Okami... Ocarina of Time, etc. Something like Killzone 2 will be looked down upon 5 years down the line because all the focus is on technicalities. But a game like Okami is forever timeless because it uses graphics to create art. It's valuing the heart of a game over valuing how strong they can flex their muscles. The point is that you shouldn't be judging Reach to Killzone over graphics. It's about gameplay, right? So why are you SO eager to see Reach in comparison to Killzone to judge that the PS3 is superior?

Also, I didn't say Killzone 2 didn't surpass and reach expectations, and your post stating that it is is irrelevant. For the record, the trailer was not as exciting as the game, but that's ok. Killzone 2's CGI trailer didn't match the final product. It was still damn great, but you continue to act as if it's bad to show CGI. It gets fans excited, and as long as you know it's CGI you shouldn't be expecting gameplay to be the same.

If you honestly watch a CGI and expect the gameplay to be the same then I think you need to lower your expectations as it is one thing to have CGI and another to have gameplay match it. CGI is never an indicator of a final product or gameplay. Bungie didn't lie to you (unless they flat out stated the CGI was gameplay), you just were misinformed it seems.

It's the same thing with K2's CGI which a lot of fans thought was real, which it wasn't.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

killzone2's characters were made up of 8 to 10,000 polygons,
you want more info then buy their book, it's all in there.

anyways, frankly that's far from really setting a bench mark, and halo reach will no doubt beat that and set more impossible marks for kz to try and achieve.

Greywulf3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I have 10 years of experience in Visual Effects both 3d,2d, Gaming and Technical direction which includes experience with Renderman/Mental Ray/ & Vray. Not sure who is trying to make the argument that Technology alone -- makes better visuals, because Im certainly not.

Kz2 luckily has technology & art direction making it the most advanced console game/engine out only surpassed by Uncharted2 with naughty dogs inclusion of Ambient Occlusion. People like you have a problem. You take the fact that Killzone2 is the most advanced gaming engine on consoles as some sort of threat that needs to be discredited. Its just the way it is. An engine is an entire package. Sure, a game can have a better character model than KZ2, but it wont be producing the same amount of post processing and amount of polygons running around on the screen. Thats not an argument, im sorry.

Deferred rendering is just a method to composite passes, Fear2 uses it but Fear2 doesn't combine that with the model detail/shader networks/physics/lighting/post processing/ and stream loading that Killzone2 does.

Sad thing is you have to go to PC development to back up your argument in the first place, which has no bearing on Killzone2's place in console gaming. Then even then, its an Unreal Engine PC game...

Is Kz2 the "end all" of gaming? No. Is it the most advanced console game out next to Uncharted2? Yes. Is it more advanced than the Unreal engine? -- Do I really have to answer that? Is UC2 the current most advanced engine out? Yep.

had a way longer f`ing response, but n4g error'd out my reply.


", frankly that's far from really setting a bench mark, and halo reach will no doubt beat that and set more impossible marks for kz to try and achieve."

Yeah maybe that will happen, because no other 360 game has been able to make impossible marks for KZ2 since the launch of this gen. But we will all have to just sit back and wait for that day.

At the same time its like saying because Forza3 has low-resolution in-game models, that it some how makes the entire picture less worthy, when thats not the case right MGSR? So a game with better models & models alone is a better benchmark?

Interesting. [saved]

Xi3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

1st you completely ignore my questions. 2nd you are clearly stating that the engine is the most advanced in your arguments, past and present (and only because it uses a 'fully dynamic lighting system at that).

"If it is more technically advanced than any console game out excluding UC2, how can you possibly disagree with that fact? PS3 fanboy or not. Its gaming technology." (that's quoted form you)

3rd uncharted 2 uses a baked lighting model, and I can implement a deferred lighting system in ut3 if I want to. But i chose to use their global lightmass illumination to give better shadows, or I can ignore them complete and have 'completely dynamic lighting'. FYI in killzone 2 many hard shadows are painted on in textures, it's a smart trick, hence why levels were 5gigs of space, because of immense amount of textures.

Also 3d rendering software works nothing like that in a pipeline.

but let me clear up some of your issues.

Deferred rendering is a lighting model, so of course fear2 uses it in collab with it's lighting. It defines where light touches so that it doesn't waist resources lighting/rendering unseen pixels. It's also heavily used to create screen based effects. It has nothing to do with physics. It's also has drawbacks in it's ability to create transparencies. If you'd like to learn more I can send you some interesting papers on it.

Also ambient occlusion has been in most games since 2005, and with the adoption of SSAO in cryengine most developers are using that instead now.

deferred rendering was also used in stalker, and the lighting model is actually better looking, it's also not 'baked'.

you have 10 years of nothing, or you're willing to accept that you've developed some infantile fixation by coming to websites like this. My guess is that you're 23 at most. And your 10 years experience is nothing more then playing games. Otherwise I laugh at your attempts to argue with people who are smarter and younger than you.

Show me your linkdn or something.

Like I said, show me proof it's the most technically advanced anything. AFAIK they've produced 1 gdc paper on their deferred lighting system which is nothing in comparison to other seasoned developers like crytek and valve or even bungie.

GiantEnemyCrab3241d ago

"You can pretend MS didn't lead anyone to think Halo3's cgi commercials weren't in-game, but they didn't make it clear it wasn't."

That's BS Greywulf, actually Bungie went out of there way before the CGI aired during NFL that it was NOT gameplay.

They never hid it or tried to falsely represent the game.

beans3241d ago

From what I've seen Alan Wake looks better then KZ2 and UC2. 2010 is around the corner and the we have best graphics argument is soon coming to an end. It's so strange how you guys rank UC2 over KZ2 when it looks fairly similar to UC1 with minor upgrades.

3241d ago
Demon55003241d ago

IT will not matter what people say, and how they compare there games. Fanboy [email protected] aside, Killzone 2 should not be compared to halo reach, Halo reach should be compared to Killzone 3, As they will be released around the same time. This makes it a fair fight wouldn't you all say, There both developed on first party engines which up till now have all been based on unreal or 3rd party engines with Guide lines for 360 development, and same goes for ps3 multi plat, but all first party ps3 games have been developed for on sony 1st party engines edge tools phsyx. This to me will be the first sign that Xenos developed as a GPGPU can out do cell/rsx, But do not take my word for it just tune in on the 12th VGA and when you see it running, you will be shocked, From a gamers point of view we all win?

Nac3241d ago

No need man. Played the trailer and the level with two tvs side by side. Both were set on 1080P.


Isnt this

Momma didnt raise no fool. The E3 footage is still "target render", which they almost reached.
In the words of the immortal Bond
"Close, but no cigar."

Ghostsmoker3240d ago

seem to rule N4G. People only talking about the visuals ...
That's pretty sad. The first thing everyone checks is on what console a game looks better or which exclusive game looks better.

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ps3hasnogamess3241d ago

awesome.. halo reach gonna dominate 2010 for sure.

halo reach>>> all others fps in 2010.


PS3Freak3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

You better hope it's better than ODST, otherwise, it will dominate nothing, fool.

P.S something that hasn't happened cannot be considered a fact, it is only a prediction.

Anorexorcist3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

A new line of Halo-brand toothbrushes.

A joint venture between the people at Microsoft and Crest.

LOL! Milk it like the family cow!

3241d ago
kaz-hirai3241d ago

"New Halo Reach Info Soon?"

IT will only be a 3 hour Campaign again and will charge £50 for it ;-D!!!!

SpartanZero3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

GOW3 MAG GT5 Agent Heavy Rain The last Gaurdian Quantum Theory Mod Nation Racers Final Fantasy Versus White Knight Chronicles Valkyria Chronicles 2 Yakuza 3 < Halo Reach

kaz-hirai3241d ago

;-D!!!!! silly chat boxes you have just nammed 11 exclusives for the PS3 and you have listed one 360 exclusive ;-D!!!!!

But it will probably come to PC anyway ! ;-D!!!!

PS3Freak3241d ago

you just showed how superior the PS3 line up for 2010 is compared to the 360 line up. I swear some people on this site...


i dont think you could get any more retarded than that.

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