We Need Cool Down Games

Loot Ninja writes: I was thinking the other day about how mind boggling and thought provoking the game Braid was. I was playing last night for my review (you'll see my review for it coming soon on the PS3 version), but I sat there frustrated after an extended gaming session with it. Moving left, right, rewinding time, trying to find the right combination of moves to get strategically placed puzzle pieces. It started to hurt my brain. I needed to kill me something. Shoot someone in the face! Just something to cool down for a little bit before jumping back in to hurt my small pea sized brain again. It got me thinking about "cool down games". What do I play? What do you play?

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McCullster3246d ago

I forgot I had the WoW freakout kid saved on my desktop. Just thought I would include him for N4G.....

drunkpandas3246d ago

For me, it’s definitely not FPS games since I’m not the best player out there. I tend to fire up games like Fat Princess or Wii Sports Resort to wind down and chill.

greyishfox3246d ago

slow paced turn based games or old school adventure games are pretty good for relaxing. Lots of classic games are entertaining and relaxing.

GamerSciz3245d ago

Flower works well for me...

3245d ago
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