God of War team's new project: Not GoW 3 PS3

Barlog updated his blog with rumor smashing talk of his team's "new project", which, despite rumormongering, he says is not God of War III. (Maybe.) After a quick update on the team's unannounced Playstation 3 project and God of War for PSP, Barlog starts setting the record straight.

"If we do get started on a GOW for PS3 you can be sure I will be screaming about it from the mountain tops the first chance I am allowed. Until then...I am plugging away on my RPG opus 'A Family Ties game'."

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ngg123454739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

In all honesty what is a facts of life rpg? The show was like everybody loves raymond. What does that mean?

Firewire4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Actually I don't think they are working on GOW3 now. I remember a couple of times that Jaffe who is lead director at Sony Sana Monica said there was another PS3 game that they would be working on after GOW2 & the PSP game rapped up.
Now Jaffe has been working with Ingonito lately & they will soon finish up Warhawk. Rumor has it theres is a certain game that Sony wants Jaffe & the Ingonito guys to work on.

Its not what Barlog said, but can anyone guess? But Jaffe & Ingonito together and what does history tell you? Yeah you guessed it, the new
Twisted Metal for the PS3!

Sorry but your wrong, Jaffe was in on GOW2, he just wasn't the lead designer. He was lead director for the game & many others, also Sony gave Jaffe authority to make any changes he deemed on GOW2. He has stated that he didn't make any changes to the game what so ever, but he was there as a crutch for Barlog, who was lead designer on a game for the first time. Personally Barlog did a wonderful job, and I'm happy with him doing GOW3 on his own.
Its true Jaffe doesn't work on big games any more, thats his choice, and Sony doesn't have a problem with it, but they made him the head creative director to oversee games at Santa Monica, to ensure that his creative oversight would produce excellent games.
Twisted Metal was always Jaffe's baby, so he decides what kind of game the next installment will be.

insertnamehere4739d ago

Jaffe had nothing to do with God of War 2 and won't have anything to do with any future God of War games. He just wants to make downloadable PSN titles now, and has been very vocal about that.

Cory Barlog is in charge of the project. Either he's lying about them not working on the game because they don't have the go-ahead, or it really is a new game, but it has nothing to do with what Jaffe is doing.

techie4739d ago

"Jaffe had nothing to do with God of War 2" - uh yes he did. Of course he had less impact on the game. But he wont have any involvement with GOW3, though he was the producer of GOW2

drtysouf214739d ago

We want God of War III
We want God of War III

altogether now with everyone stomping and yelling

We want God of War III
We want God of War III

FadedDRFT4739d ago

Yerrrrr, number GOW2 looks amazing in 1080p on the ps3, GOW3 will look stunning.

Husso4739d ago

"I will be screaming about it from the mountain tops the first chance I am allowed"

so what it means they are working on it but Sony has put a muzzle on them. You don't bark untill master tell you to do it.

BlackIceJoe4739d ago

Firewire you may be on to some thing. Jaffe said in the past He would like to go back to work on Heartland and Sony wanted it on the PS3 over the PSP. So may be that is the game. As for Twisted Metal there has been a rumor of a new TM black game. That would be a game I think would be cool. Plus if they added a way to get out of the vehicles and enter another one just like Warhawk. That would be neat to see.

I also hope this allows Jaffe to go back and work on GOW over Cory Barlog. I am not saying He did a bad job on GOW2. Just I would prefer the man who made GOW to work on it over some one else.

BitbyDeath4739d ago

i'd be equally happy with a new Twisted Metal game.

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The story is too old to be commented.