Spawn Kill Review: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Tigresa of Spawn Kill writes: "Whether it be from a long-running respected franchise, like Resident Evil, or a fairly new franchise like Left 4 Dead, zombie video games just seem to hit that soft spot. So, does the latest Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles keep the adrenaline pumping when heads start rolling?"

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ihaten4glol3246d ago

It looks pretty awesome. I'm liking the trend of rail-shooters being decent.

rrquinta3246d ago

Not my type of game, but glad to see Wii titles that are worth playing.

Snarkasaur3246d ago

I'd love to play this, but I refuse to play it alone. And I have no RL friends.

tigresa3246d ago

Aw, if only it had online!

Shnazzyone3246d ago

Thank god, dead space was a blast to play with my girlfriend and later again with my brother. That was only 6 hours in total... 10-20 hours sounds like a much more worthwhile offering then what EA gave us. I might just snag this title.