Bayonetta Demo Impressions: The Next Great Action Game?

Joystick Division writes: "On December 3, the Bayonetta demo will be released. It's only a short glimpse of the final game, but gives the players a great taste of what to expect. I had a chance to run through the demo a couple of times, and based on that small exposure, I'm ready to declare Bayonetta the next great action game."

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Troll_Police3247d ago

This game looks descent but it's not even in the same league as the God.

SpinalRemains1383243d ago

How can you make such a declarative statement having never played the game? You basically said that no game will ever be on par with GOW.

MetalGearRising3246d ago

God of war 3 killer it certainly is that's for sure.

ruffles3246d ago

I won the G4 demo code give away. I must say it is dam good.