Britxbox: Brink Preview

Jasper Kashap writes: "Splash Damage won't ring many bells with console gamers. Initially stumbling upon success with a roster of highly acclaimed Quake 3 mods, they became highly respected for creating both Enemy Territory and handling Doom 3's multiplayer component. Earlier this year, the FPS multi-player veterans signed a deal with Bethesda to develop a new title, Brink. Situated in a welcomingly colourful utopia in the distant future, Brink's gameplay focuses on co-operative missions based on a foundation of customisable classes and experience points.

The mission demonstrated involved a meta objective of escorting a robot across a war torn town to diffuse a bomb. However, upon choosing one of the archetypal classes and weapon load out, you're able to choose from a variety of sub-missions to complete that will hinder the opposition's ability to halt your progress. Each of these objectives will earn you a predetermined amount of experience based on their difficulty and will dynamically affect your team's progress on the ultimate objective. Of course, it is totally up to you whether you deviate from the original objective, but the option to devote yourself to smaller tasks within the context of the mission caters to the class based structure of the game."

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