VGA: Demon's Souls review: Where challenging is a pleasure

VGArabia: Demon's souls is a game where charming and pleasant is prohibited. Where tactics and persistence may or may not lead to glory. This world is hell on earth where there is no mercy and everyone are hungry, including you for souls. The journey starts by a non-user friendly tutorial ending by you being killed, and leaving you as a soul form back to Nexus, after that you start the game by trying to regain your soul's back from the first chapter boss.

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Rumor Monger3295d ago

man i have not enough money to Import it T.T

immortal843295d ago

Once you have the money, go and buy it or steal it loool

hardcore19123295d ago

They are both long and satisfying.

Morituri3295d ago

Git yur mind out the guttah

lordkemp0073295d ago

This game is immense.

Bear in mind though its as hard as an xbots pecker seeing Billy Gates bent over with his trousers at half mast.

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