The database of COD: MW2 on Xbox Live suffers a global drop.

Apparently, according to Robert Bowling commented on his twitter a few seconds, the database of Xbox Live has fallen completely, players who are playing right now, no access to any statistics or rank ... According to Rob himself says, after fixing the problem re-register statistics well. Everyone who was playing right now, do not be alarmed, that is temporary.

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DonCorneo3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

bu bu butt teh LIVE iz teh supearior becoz we payz

The 13430d ago

Nah, it's just superior because it's superior lol.

Guitarded3430d ago

We payz becoz teh LIVE iz teh supeariorz!

cyborg69713430d ago

This is why smart people don't pay to play on a sh!tty p2p craptastic service. Wake up bots your paying for xgame chat that's it tards.

Anorexorcist3430d ago

Which in the case of purchasing from Microsoft, they're getting pissed on while being told that it is raining.

talltony3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

That the ps3 version has parties and direct game invites for free? Oh yea and the ranks and everything work for free as well. So yes this game shows just how overrated live really is.

The Iron Sheik3430d ago

If Live was really superior things like this wouldn't happen.

MechaZillaTron3429d ago

You Microsoft ninnies you have to pay for a "Premium" service just to get bent over again and again, and no dedicated servers, lol.

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The 13430d ago

No issues here either. PS3 fanboys running around disagreeing. There is nothing in your comment to disagree with.

sikbeta3430d ago

NOW xbox fanboys are such virgins, they never BASH PS related news

"-OH..GOD...we are so victims..."

Don't LIE yourself, fanboysm goes BOTH ways...

Blaze9293430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

That's funny, becuase everything works fine for me...on multiple games on Xbox LIVE. Yeah Infinity Ward, blame the Xbox LIVE database and not yourselves.

LazyDevs3429d ago

Sweet lets make a article that is false. Just had a friend go buy a 360 cause he couldn't play MW2 on his PS3.

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TwistedMetal3430d ago

why is a paid xbl service not haveing stats etc for online play? this is fail and payeing and gettting ripped off like this with no outrage is kind of like being a little punk.

JOLLY13430d ago

Sometimes when you add "ing" to a word like "have" you take the "e" off to give you having. For words like "pay" you just have to add the "ing". You don't to specially add an "e" just for fun.

playnation3430d ago

"You don't to specially add an "e" just for fun." ???????????
-primero enseñate a hablar tu en lugar de corregir a los demás. hahaha

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