Brutal Gamer: Dragon Age: Origins (PS3) Review

Dragon Age: Origins is a dark fantasy style RPG set in the land of Ferelden. The land is again threatened by the presence of the demonic Darkspawn and you, as the newest addition to the legendary Grey Wardens who are tasked with defeating the Darkspawn once again. Your classic good vs. evil story, essentially. There are three races you can choose to play as, with two types of each race. These are Human Noble, Human/Elf Mage, Dwarf Noble, Dwarf Commoner, Dalish Elf and City Elf. These races are further split by three classes, Warrior, Mage and Rogue. Different characters will react to you in different ways throughout the game depending on which combinations you choose to play as. Each of the six starting character types have their own origin story which lasts a couple of hours before all of the converge into the same main storyline of the game.

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