Stop Bitching About the Console War

BNG's Jason Large writes, "I would fall into the hardcore gamer category. I own all three current generation consoles and both my PS3 and my 360 are usually turned on at least once a day. Without bias, I can say that there are things that I love and hate about all three systems, but more importantly they all have something to offer. Unfortunately, there are many of you out there that can't objectively evaluate each of these products without your stupid fanboy biases, and it is to you I say stop bitching about the console war."

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Persistantthug3245d ago

How are PS3 vs. XBOX 360 debates/arguments any different from Mets vs. Yankees, Raiders vs. 49ers, or even Chevy vs. Ford?

People argue these because they are passionate about these said topics, and who are you to begrudge these people their fun and/or entertainment in this area?

So how are consoles any different?

Answer that, if you can.

BeaArthur3245d ago

There really isn't a difference but this is a gaming website so most people here probably don't care about the Yankees or Chevy. If the author cared about the Yankees he'd be writing articles about that. Not to mention sports fans are a little (emphasis on a little) more mature than your average gaming fanboy. The article seems to be more of a rant on how stupid the fanboy's are as opposed to the actual console war itself. But if your curious ask him, his email address is on the link.

StanLee3245d ago

I live in Brooklyn; I'm a Mets and a Yankees fan. You can be both and many are. That's his point.

SaberEdge3245d ago


The thing is, arguing about those things is also stupid and pointless. Some people do it, but they are wasting their time on this planet arguing about something that is of little or no importance.

I play games. Consoles are just devices that allow me to play games. They all have games to offer, so why would I worship one and hate another?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3245d ago

Then good for you StanLee but that's not interesting enough...

I choose one side, you chose the other and we argue. Now that's interesting. This is not about receiving royalties from the companies (stupid Jason Large) but about who's right. The winner takes it all. Because he not only chose the right console but he'll have the most game too.

I don't like to pay to play online, I prefer Japanese products, I prefer the exclusives on certain console so I chose the PS3. You probably don't like this and like other aspects of the X360 which I hate (like to pay to play online and have a better service) and then we argue.

We are not arguing for the sake of the company but for the sake of our point of view. And this will never stop no matter how much you whine and the same happens with everything in life. What do you think WAR is?

BTW, Sony reign king for 2 consecutive console generations and I never saw any monopoly. In fact that move it's illegal, but that never stopped Microsoft from using it in the past...

BeaArthur3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Bodyboarder_VGamer...I'm sorry could you finish grade school and then retype that.

table3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

So you're arguing if x is like y in some respects, then x is like y in all respects. Pretty fallacious reasoning. Perhaps you'd be better questioning why anyone would sacrifice their own happiness for the benefit if something/someone that does not care completely at their own expense. Of course people have preferences and personal opinions, but when it verges on plain stupidity, i.e. the console war, we are right to question peoples motives.

sikbeta3245d ago

Sorry, but I don't need an article saying to Stop something I didn't Start...

Prototype3245d ago

90% of us come here only for the laughs of how much time and effort people put in their comments. The only people getting hurt are ones that "followed the leader" in their choice of games.

MEsoJD3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

I think things wouldn't be as interesting.

Also I game on a ps3 and pc but I don't see the point in owning all

the consoles. I mean I work and all but thats still alote of money.

Hey I've been a Sony fanboy since ps1 but I don't praise Sony

constantly I also recognize its faults.

Why am I a fanboy??? Well more of a really satisfied customer since

ps1. ^_^

nnotdead3245d ago

i get what you're saying and i agree. back in the snes and genesis days my friends and i would have these stupid arguments all the time. i still have them with friends on a lot of subjects; cars, sports, games, movies, etc. the thing is, the internet allows people to be complete asses while having these arguments.

sure it would be nice to play games, and just have fun with them. the thing is its just as fun to talk about them as well. thats why we are here and not playing are console/s of choice right now. also im at work.

smittyjerkins3245d ago

I stopped giving a sh*t about the whole "console war" awhile ago. It's just asshats like the writer of this article that still makes it seem like it's still a big deal. All I want to do is play good games.
(Also, I didn't click to the article because I don't want to give dumbf*cks like this guy my hits)

morganfell3245d ago

How is the fact people are complaining about the console war any different than the writer complaining about complainers.

badz1493245d ago

hell no! please don't do that! aside from the great games, fanboys arguing with each other is where the fun is at! what's there to enjoy if these kind of thing just stop? that will feel exactly like the Wii! (see what I did there? I'm trying to drag the Wii fans into the argument!)

in a serious note, the open zone is most of the time, fun to watch!

kaveti66163245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Says Morganfell, a known fighter in the console war. The writer is correct in his goal, maybe his points are a little weak, but I agree very much that fanboyism is not a rational mindset.

Take Morganfell or WhyDis for examples. No, seriously, please take them. Take them the hell out of this site.

While you're at it, please get rid of Booch, Vicodin, Chrisuolla, whoever you find. Get rid of them all.

Oh, and Pennywise. This is what that clown said.

"BeaArthur - This guy is right. Xbox fans were total turn offs to gaming two years ago. The deserve to eat crow amongst other things. Those guys who made PS owners feel like trash every chance they got are being served a big plate of well deserved karma.

Now they have broken overheated systems, no AAA games to rave about, lowest sales, failed mediums (HDDVD), and a mouthful of foot.

Don't start something then cry to stop it when the tables turn, children."

This is the kind of thinking that drives me crazy. As you can see, Pennywise is talking about how Xbox fanboys used to make PS3 owners feel like trash, and how that was a total "turn-off" to gaming.

Now, Pennywise starts talking about how the 360 has this problem and that problem, as well as "360 has no AAA games." And I'm literally sitting here thinking, "Wow, Pennywise is basically describing himself whenever he talks about annoying people, and does he even know it? He's being a hypocrite and he doesn't see it. Hey, Pennywise. I own a 360. I never made fun of your PS3. I never made fun of you for having one, and yet, when you make fun of 360 owners, you're making me feel like crap. Two wrongs don't make a right.

morganfell3244d ago

That's right. And unlike many hypocrites on this board I do not deny my position. That doesn't change the fact the author is a whiner.

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streety519a3245d ago

This guy has obviously been on N4G's comments sections too much. He should read the Black Friday sales data comments. It'll make his head explode.

BeaArthur3245d ago

If he's like me he doesn't even waste his time reading the comments on those articles.

streety519a3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

But sometimes I just can't help myself reading them. Its like driving past a car crash.

BeaArthur3245d ago

Yeah I get what you mean but for me the ridiculous level of ignorance and stupidity is too much.

creeping judas3245d ago

most of the fanboy comments are like comedy gold. I read the comments for the laugh factor. hard to believe some people are so dedicated to a piece of plastic and metal!!!

glennc3245d ago

it is extremely annoying when i see an article about a possible xbl problem or specific problem to the 360. i can't even read the comments section to see other 360 owners experiences because of the ridiculous immature fanboy garbage posted by users such as Saaking. this makes the whole experience counter productive so i get annoyed. the other thing is i am 36 years old and am just not interested in some idiotic 12yo fanboy hiding behind his keyboard with nothing of any value to say at all.

bigjclassic3245d ago

it is highly immature, really..

Dutch Boogie3245d ago

LOL now that the ps3 has gained it's rightful place in the market and doing considerably well all the naysayers are pleading for equality. Tell me good sir, where was the "insert console war plea" when the ps3 was first launched?

I don't even want to here such incompetent blabber. Deal with it mate. The console war is what some people live off. The assurance of knowing your investment is well received by millions of individuals excites them. Also in a way it benefits gamers when console manufacturers are at a constant battle for consumer supremacy.

BeaArthur3245d ago

"Also in a way it benefits gamers when console manufacturers are at a constant battle for consumer supremacy."

It says that in the article. You sound like one of the people this guy was talking about.

Shnazzyone3245d ago

Your exactly the people this author is talking about. Though to some extent I am too. Still, I find nothing more irritating then all of the damned ps3 kids in every news story. It feels like if sony never ended up being in third place for 90% of this console gen then we wouldn't have half as many insecure rich kids cluttering these comments boards.if it's such an awesome system then how come more of you aren't playing it rather then trolling forums. It's a question I keep asking and noone seems to be able to answer.

3245d ago
glennc3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

it is hard for a brand loyal gamer to go from 1st to last from one generation to the next. when your prefered console is all about image then it is even harder to handle.

i am not bashing i am stating a fact, sony will always target the image conscious (VAIO anyone?), where as MS targeted PC gamers when they entered the market. then the wii went out and found it's own market. they are different gamers and all have a place in the industry.

what bugs me is they can't accept people have their reasons for playing wii or 360 even if the hardware is inferior, just like every other generation of consoles dating back to the atari 2600 which was the least powered (by miles) console on the market at the time. when the ps2 was doing so well with inferior hardware they were ok with it and now seem to have forgotten the whole thing, or werent even born then.

baum3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Who cares about what place the PS3 is in sales though? PS3 is first in games, every gamer (read: someone that plays lots of games) is satisfied with the PS3, can't say the same about the Wii; sure, every gamer has every console, but owning a console doesn't mean you are satisfied with it. Wii is dead last in games that gamers want to play. Have fun playing the sales game, nobody cares how many Wii's there are out there if nobody plays online, let alone 3rd party support is mostly shovelware and very few good games here and there, nothing worth bragging about.

"sony will always target the image conscious (VAIO anyone?), "

Most ignorant assertion of the day.

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