Mythos Set For North American Launch In 2010

GrE writes, "It's been a long hard journey for Mythos. Announced back in 2007, the free to play action RPG was in development by Flagship Studios, the good people behind the terrible game Hellgate London. Mythos had a rabid fan base eager to get their hands on the game as soon as possible. Hellgate London didn't have fans – and that's why Flagship Studios went under, leaving poor Mythos orphaned, and alone in the world. Korean publisher T3 Entertainment picked the game up after Flagship sank, and continued development..."

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bgrundman3336d ago

About damn time they started talking about this again...

squif3336d ago

actually they conducted several interviews recently too.

bgrundman3336d ago

Maybe the remnants of Flagship will finally be able to make something worth buying, unlike Hellgate: London

wondroushippo3336d ago

What is the deal with so many companies being named Flagship? This is at least #2. The other one does Resident Evil and the Zelda: Oracle games

ewanaiton523336d ago

I have been waiting for this to launch for ages now ever since Alec Meer mentioned it in the now-defunct MMO supplement in UK PC Gamer.

wondroushippo3336d ago

They certainly are taking their sweet time with it, but there's potential here.

squif3336d ago

That game was doomed from the beginning. Combining FPS and Diablo gameplay was a horrible idea.

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