Grasshopper has 'another big project in the works'

Grasshopper Manufacture, the Japanese development team behind No More Heroes and led by Suda-51, have another 'big project' in the works besides the sequel to NMH, Marvelous Entertainment head Yasuhiro Wada has revealed.

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THE MAX SPEED 213270d ago

Something like Killer 7 bigger better in HD would be sick.

Smacktard3270d ago

It's probably for either the 360 or the PS3. I know they want to develop a new IP for each of the consoles.

mastiffchild3269d ago

Wasn't their PS3 game by Suda for G'hopper partially revealed already? Kind of looked like Alone in the Dark but set WAY back in the dark ages? Or am I just making things up without knowing it?