Dog Masters Tony Hawk's Ride

For all the bitching and moaning about the controls in Tony Hawk's Ride this hardy hound seems to have them down.

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bgrundman5348d ago

I guess this makes that dog better than 95% of the population.

squif5348d ago

I can't even count the number of reviews that b1tched about the controls and now this dog has it down.

Quadrix5348d ago

Someone else who has seen the truth!

pixelsword5348d ago (Edited 5348d ago )

...that a common house-pet had more intelligence than reviewers who complain about something without at least providing a suggestion or an alternative.

(P.S. the vid looks fake :D)

MEsoJD5348d ago (Edited 5348d ago )

did a 360. (if that was real, prob fake)

also this has to be viral I've seen that skateboarding dog a couple of

times on t.v.

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bgrundman5348d ago

Too bad the game controls like dogsh1t anyway...

wondroushippo5348d ago

Is there any version without crappy controls?

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The worst gaming peripherals to have ever existed

Looking back at gaming history often throws up some questionable things - including awful games, bad consoles, and terrible peripherals.

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darthv721499d ago

That intel wireless gamepad was the inspiration for the 360 wireless racing wheel (and that works really well). I'd say one the author forgot would be the activator from sega.


Why Activision should go back to Tony Hawk’s arcade roots with the new game

We know there’s a new Tony Hawk’s in the works, but it should feel like the oldest of entries to the series.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3805d ago

There's a new Tony Hawk game coming?

Cautiously optimistic. I want the series to end on a positive note but the last what like 6 entries have been severely disappointing. Hope this one ends the curse.

thorstein3805d ago

I hope they don't blow it. I really liked the earlier games in the series. Then Skate came out and the difference night and day.

UncleGermrod3805d ago

Ha, I was thinking the same thing when I read this. I had no idea there was one in the works...you usually here about these things.

Any ways, I haven't truly enjoyed a THPS title since the underground games back during the ps2/xbox/GC era. I hope if they make one, they try to use that same formula that made the first 6 games so fun.

OmegaShen3805d ago

They just need to make Tony Hawk Underground 3, anything else will be a waste.