11 Super Cool Gaming PC Case Mods

GB writes: "When you had bought your PC gaming first, you may have liked its looks. But after having seen it in the same design for more than a year it can become boring. It becomes like a eyesore and you want to replace it with some other, better gaming PC. While you can't buy a new PC every now and then, you can try out the mods that make your PC look new and unique. These mods that I have collected are the best ones you can find anywhere. You will surely love most of them. So, here is the list of best Gaming PC Mods available out there. The numbering is completely random and is not based on any kind of ranking."

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williamkenny3242d ago

Old School design @ #10 is the one for me.

MEsoJD3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

are pretty cool.

Love my Raidmax Smilodon case. Not too flashy but not too dull.

Seven_ate_Nine3242d ago

But I hate how they didn't acknowledge it being based off of Pink Floyd's "The Wall"
They just called it "PC on wheels"

gameseveryday3242d ago

Those are some really amazing mods there. I really loved the steam valve one. Very innovative indeed!

williamkenny3242d ago

The cold drinks mod looks like a radio/alarm clock/drink dispenser/toaster!

gameseveryday3242d ago

I am actually stunned by the telephone. Not many people could make out difference, that its a phone or a pc!

cb8103242d ago

those are indeed "super cool"

williamkenny3242d ago

I would take ANY of those for christmas.

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The story is too old to be commented.