Red Dead Redemption Trailer 2 officially Released + Release Date

Last week, the new trailer for Red Dead Redemption ( Rockstar Games/ San Diego) leaked.
A couple hours after this leak, the trailer was taken down.

Today, Rockstar officially released the trailer focussing on the main protagonist John Martson.
But that's not all, the last shot we get a good look at the release date.. check it out for yourself!

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Dr Nightblade3269d ago

that looks so freakin good!

LostCypher113269d ago

does look pretty Tight. Been a while since a got a good western fix

WildArmed3268d ago

Didnt really stick to me.
Reminded me of the Zoro movie.. with guns lol

Araceae3269d ago

This game keeps looking better each time they show it. I’m really looking forward to it.

L-Teezy3269d ago

lookin pretty nasty! :D

OtherWhiteMeat3269d ago

This is one good looking game.Reminds me of "The Good The Bad and the Ugly".

lordkemp0073269d ago

You have just described Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all in the right order.

OtherWhiteMeat3269d ago

Good to see some people on this site have a sense of humor....That was pretty damn funny.