Nintendo Dpad Shutting Down

In a post today it was revealed that Nintendo Dpad is shutting down. In what is imaginably the final post, there was a definite feeling of fond farewell, but not without a bit of hard feelings.

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hay3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

You didn't read it. It's very insightful article.
The Nintendo D-Pad guy's right. It sucks. And thanks, it's quite an eye-opener. Good luck to you.

Goomba123296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

GoNintendo would have to be the best though, Nintendo Dpad sure did have some good news from time to time.

Edit: Just realized the link doesn't work anymore, wish people could have seen what was written because it was very true about gaming blogs in general.

n4f3296d ago

Most sites are doing what they do for hits, which in turn bring up your Alexa rank, and in turn collect more money from ad firms. It is easy to write or publish flame bait whether that be a sales age article, review scores, or trying to make 50 stories out of every sentence an employee at Nintendo says.
Not only are gaming blogs corrupt though, the actual industry is as well. When I first started posting stories, I subscribed to gaming magazines, bought all the biggest games to talk about, and did all these things without any ad money. I did this so the reader could benefit. Funny thing though, outside of WiiWare devs, which are great to talk to, none of the bigger companies will respond to you. This industry used to be about gamers, but now it is about money, and releasing tactical info about a game at exact dates to increase hype. And unless your a bigger site, they don’t hear your voice, or even respond.

and the only thing that i could say is that they are fokin right

gaffyh3296d ago

I always thought Nintendo Dpad WERE one of the bigger Nintendo sites, I'm sure Nintendo would have responded to them?

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Yoshiii3296d ago

Was a good site, oh well I have Gonintendo.

SpoonyRedMage3296d ago

That's too bad... I didn't actually see that many posts from the site though.

Absolutely right about the state of the industry and media though.

Captain Tuttle3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Broken link

SpoonyRedMage3296d ago

It's because the website has been taken off. The via link works though and has a quote from it.

AndrewG0093296d ago

Yep, it seems the site didn't even last 24 hours after declaring it was going down.

ndpad3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

It would work if we wanted it to, but we saw that this had been posted on N4G and decided to cut all cords, sort of speak.

Gaming news is corrupt and we don't want to be a part of it anymore. Honestly no one really cares about gaming outside of fights you can create in comments sections of video game sites. Most all stories that should matter don't. Why is the biggest stories here always about sales? or reviews? or exclusives? or what some companies executive says?

It is because there is so much bias and console loyalty to a certain brand that it is killing the video game industry. A story in which Nintendo is retroactively giving a free virtual console game for those who bought the Internet Channel somehow gets less hits and less comments than Reggie Fils-Aime saying that New Super Mario Bros. will outsell Modern Warfare 2 by January. Think about that. People talk less about a free game than future sales. Incredible.

How does this make sense to real gamers? Gamers on the internet are more about cheering for their favorite team than talking about the real topics. The sales of a game is talked more about here than someone from the dev team revealing every detail about the game. How does this make sense? You'll notice this delusional speak when Sony or Microsoft or even Nintendo post sales figures where they have LOST BILLIONS in revenue. Yet, for some reason gamers dismiss this and instead state how the PS3 is killing the Xbox in japan for example. Real gamers would care about a video game company going under or a company losing bilions in a quarter because that means the video game industry is dying. Yet you never see this though as most internet gamers are to busy looking at total consoles sold in a month on NPD to brag about.

Out of all my friends I myself am the only one who goes on gaming websites frequently. All my friends are open minded about games and even though they mostly play on the Xbox, they enjoy playing Ps3 and Wii games just as much at other peoples houses. They don't care about sales numbers, review ratings, comparing graphics from console to console or what console how more exclusives. They game and enjoy whatever is brought their way.

We created the site to be an alternative to the boring, ad driven, paid sites that flood the internet, but honestly that is what internet gamers want. They want a place where they can come and argue. We had to remove our comments section on the site 3 months ago because of this. Video game sites on the internet, although informative all want to make money, and are driven by hits. Notice everyone tries grabbing sales numbers and posting them here before anyone? Why because they care? No, because that is the most amount of hits for the least amount of work.

It is pathetic and is why we not only stopped the site but will never come back here after this. I encourage every true gamer to join a forum like Neogaf instead of helping blogs make money off of your hits. Then again some people love dramas and that is exactly what N4G and many other sites are.

Madusha3296d ago

"And unless your a bigger site, they don’t hear your voice, or even respond"

Agreed 10000% with Ndpad but shutting it down completely after all that hard work is not the way to go.

ndpad3296d ago

Thanks Madusha. We might come back, but it would be completely different, and would be aimed solely at the gamers.

mint royale3295d ago


I totally understand your point of view. I feel the same way about what N4G has brought into the industry.

You must come back but to be successful you must adapt as well. I don't mean sell out but a unique selling point is needed to help the site grow.

The Great Melon3295d ago

I will miss your site. I remember reading some of the more interesting articles there.

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