Sony still holds top spot for best brands according to Harris Poll

While Sony may make one or two boneheaded moves on the road to launching the PS3, it looks like it isn't hurting their image much. While many of us may worry about the price point and Kuturagi's mouth hurting their image with consumers, the newest Harris poll shows that Sony still owns the top spot in terms of best brands. You really can't beat their mindshare, and this leverage is going to come in handy when pushing their new hardware and of course getting Blu-Ray respected as a standard.

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Chronical5417d ago

I only wish people knew better

Chronical5417d ago

Well i guess Japan knows better with 70% wanting the Wii

Shadow Flare5416d ago

I guess japan knows better considering they dont give a rats ass about the xbox 360

generally people like sony

i wonder where microsoft came on that list haha

pRo loGic II5417d ago

I surround my self with people who love tech stuff, cars, home ect and no one considers Sony as a luxury brand it's looked at as being ok not the cheapest it's closer to the luxury end than most but really just below average.

mikeeno75417d ago

Of course casual gamers say this. They only care about the brand name, they don't hear all the BAD news.

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The story is too old to be commented.