PS3 Thanksgiving Sales Compared to Previous Years

PSUni: The State's Thanksgiving week sales are in, and Sony's PlayStation 3 numbers are certainly looking promising for the month of November. In fact, the platform holder did so well that the week compares very favourably to the console's previous two Novembers.

SCEA has revealed that the PlayStation 3 sold 440,000 units in the US for the week ending November 29th. We told you that those PS3 bundles sold out in around eight hours, so it's a wonder how many console's they would have sold if they had accounted for more stock.

It's when we compare this week's sales to the PS3's past performance that we can truly understand how well Sony has done this Thanksgiving holiday.

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FishCake9T43246d ago

The question is how much did XBOX sell.
"Nintendo Wii managed to sell around 550,000 units in the one week period" = WOW

barom3245d ago

Microsoft sold double the week before thanksgiving. Whatever that means.

Maddens Raiders3245d ago

dirty little secrets...& dirty laundry...

Guido3245d ago

But notice how Sony has reported their numbers and commented on them each month despite being lower in early months to the MS sales... Goes to show who is competing with who.

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theroadtoruin3245d ago

yeah, because people typically buy people gifts like PS3 for thanksgiving

JD_Shadow3245d ago

I do believe you're being sarcastic, because I'm sure they meant Black Friday.

techie3245d ago

Thanksgiving week - can't be Black Friday that's one day.

Sevir043245d ago

and that was when they just dropped the price and had the Onyx ps3 campaign. In 2009, they sold 440K in one week. The PS3 week on week has been selling since nov started an average of 125-170k. they may have even gotten cracked 200k in one week in Nov 2009.. So when NPD shows up DEC 17th the ps3 will have sold the best it ever has since launching. i'm wagering 850-990k consoles sold the up tier of 990k if they are lucky. i'm sure it'll be smack dabbed in the middle somewhere, or even just cracking 900k. it's gonna be amazing... in December they'll have sold well over that for the first time in 3 years selling something like a 1.3 million in the US alone.. that will be amazing

mastiffchild3245d ago

Well, IDK about the US but here in blighty I don't see as many PS3s being sold as 360s even now, sadly. If they can't get them flowing at the moment with such a great year behind them(though not getting games like Demon's Souls does hurt sometimes I fear)AND the redesign and cut price when will they? To me the UK is much more 360 loyal than anywhere, including the US, in the world right now. If a console is mentioned on TV or radio it's always the 360 here, sometimes the Wii but rarely, if ever, the PS3-even now when PS3 ads outnymber 360 ads it still seems the same yet on the continent it's a total reversal these days with 360 not catching a break in many countries-it's so fragmented this generation along national lines that it's untrue!

That said I know that Fifa and Resi5 outsold the 360 versions on the PS3 here so maybe it's even more regional than I think and down south PS3 is selling fine! Anyhow , the slim has really, along withj some stellar games all year long in the exclusive tray, put the PS3 back in the race for at least a stab at second place in the coming year and with the games andn motion controls on both sides in 2010 it should be a battle royale, imo-well, as long as MS and Sony both find a decent answer to the "nunchuck" job for gettinbg about the gameworld anyway(and no Sony not using a DS3 in one hand as that looks pikey as hell and won't be possible for many of the gamers(IE kids-mine couldn't manage and we tried it out!)you're targetting!)as if that fails it ALL fails miserably, imo.

madmonkey03245d ago

know what your saying mate, but just receently ive noticed the trend changing. 3 of my mates have switched from the 360 to ps3 in teh last few weeks.i think the PS3 is gaining ground in the uk now.

BlazeXXL3245d ago

I think it's only in the UK like you said, because here in the Netherlands (where I live) it's crazy. Our biggest local retailer here had some cheap bundles with Uncharted 2, and the deal was only for 1 hour on a saturday. So I decided to check it out, and man, PS3's were flying all over the place!

People were yelling and even fighting over the damn things, it was even worse than the official launch back in 2007. So there is definitely consumer interest, and people definitely know about it. But it seems that even 300 dollars/euros is too much for some people. When the PS3 hits 199 it's gonna explode yet again, and even bigger.

techie3245d ago

UK is certainly the exception - but I think the guy is wrong. PS3 is selling incredibly well in the UK atm.

Nicaragua3245d ago

i would majorly disagree that the xbox is percieved as doing better in the UK. I live and work in Manchester city centre and the feel i get from frequenting the various video game stores is that the PS3 is the console of choice for this Christmas.

Out of all the people i know or work with who play games consoles then around 20 of us have PS3's with only one guy (the youngest, fresh from university) who owns an xbox, also many more people in the office are talking about getting a PS3 even though they arnt the typical gamer but because they want a blu-ray player and the fact that their kids can play games on it is a bonus.

Of course this may people i see and is not representative of the entire UK, but thats how im seeing it every day.

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