Colin McRae: Dirt 2 DX11 - Maxed out screenshots

PCGH took high quality screenshots of Colin McRae: Dirt 2. They ran the game at 2560 x 1600 with maximal details and 4xMSAA/16:1 AF in Direct X 11. Afterwards they downsized the pictures to 1280 x 800 what makes the shots look even better since it applies another anti aliasing effect.

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tdrules3247d ago

damn son.
amazing what direct X 11 has achieved.
oh wait the only thing it does in Dirt 2 is tesselation on FLAGS.
i think I'l wait to change my GPU until someone uses DX11 well (apart from STALKER)

Fishy Fingers3247d ago

It does more than just the flags, while it obviously isnt pushing Dx11 as much as some games coming soon, such as AvP, it does make quite a few changes in Dirt 2.

Dx9 Vs Dx11, plus Dx11 tech video http://www.pcgameshardware....

Xi3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

You only see depth of field, motion blur, and auch while the game is in motion. And much of that is shown in the great performance the title gets compared to what it would in dx9 to get the same effects.

compute shaders ftw.

Fishy Fingers3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

It's nice, but if I were picky I'd like the crowd to show some form of reaction to the car hurtling at their heads and with only 4 or so people in the screen the reused character model is disappointing.

Alcon Caper3247d ago

fishy fingers' sarcasm meter is broken

Fishy Fingers3247d ago

Ah... haha, missed that. Sorry, it can be difficult to tell from text.

sak5003247d ago

LOL @ the picture. The crowd is taken straight off from RE5.

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Letros3247d ago

Just downloaded the demo even though I'm getting it free on Friday from Steam, lol.

Game looks fantastic on my Samsung LED-LCD, running 4x AA Super sampled, maxed out in DX11 mode. Benchmarked at 55fps average! I wasn't expecting that!

Its good to see DX11 taking off much better than DX10, bring on Crysis 2!

Shaka2K63247d ago

pc gamers are paying way to much just for higher resolution graphics lol.

tdrules3247d ago

"MotorStorm looks so much better"

"pc gamers are paying way to much just for higher resolution graphics"

make your mind up, youre looking rather the fool

CernaML3247d ago

Higher resolution, greater performance, free mods, free online multiplayer, free DLC usually, cheaper price for the game itself (with the exception of Modern Warfare 2). Pretty sure PC gamers get more than just a higher resolution.

likedamaster3247d ago

I NEVER agree with Shaka2K6 but in this case I do. Not that impressive compared to a similar game on a limited platform. I'm a Codies fan but that still doesn't change my perspective on it.

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rickhigbee3247d ago

I split my time between PC games and the PS3. Dirt 2 is my favorite racing game of the current gen and I didn't see much room for improvement going to the PC. Had some free time today and figured I'd download the Demo anyway just for grins. All I can say is WOW. Best looking PC game I've ever played and my rig, altough powerful enough (AMD 6000+ and an ATI 4850 Video card) isn't able to take advantage of the full DX 11 experience. Looks like it's time to upgrade video cards.

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