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NowGamer: Ever since Ubisoft hoodwinked the cinematic auteur himself as perhaps the ultimate promotional tool, the gaming public has quite justifiably started to salivate at the prospect of celluloid-aping play not based upon collection, awkward platforming or, heaven forfend, 3D. The more cynical among us, however, recall all too many press releases containing words such as emotion and depth, most of which ultimately resulted in crushing yet inevitable disappointment. Quite an overbearing trend to break, that one...

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Nambassa3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Was anyone expecting better from a movie-videogame adaption?
Still, 6 isn't terrible, it's just average. Or is 7 average?

SolidAhmed3246d ago

i was expecting 7 or more

but 6 is too low compare to what they been promoting

Blaster_Master3246d ago

I think a 7.5 would be average. Still, dont think of nothing till actual more credible sources give their scores. Im guessing around an 8.

FunAndGun3246d ago

I honestly wonder if James Cameron is happy with the outcome of this video game project as opposed to his movie.