Unlimited, Unpredictable & Uncharted

Jeffrey Matulef of TheGameReviews writes: "Combining various genres in an action adventure game is nothing new. Batman: Arkham Asylum did that very thing only a couple months prior; switching styles between brawler, stealth, and Metroid-like exploration. Though, that game did so at a very predictable pace; the player was never doing one of these styles for more than 15 minutes before the gameplay switched up. The first Uncharted also followed this formula, only teasing notions of platforming and puzzle solving, yet lacking the conviction to fully develop any of these styles. Maybe there was fear of turning players off from the third-person shooting, which was the meat of that game. Uncharted 2, however, takes a major risk by switching up gameplay styles less frequently and expanding each set piece to its full potential." (Challenging Conventions #3)

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cain1413248d ago

I like how AC 2 seems to have mixed modes as well. And very effectively...

nycredude3248d ago

I'm not trying to be a douche about this article but enough of this Ucharted 2's cover system is like Gears. While UC2's system has it's issues, Gears system is clunky as hell, and epic didn't invent it! Sheesh every game these days borrow from other games! Enough already.

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shoinan3248d ago

Still seemed like a 3D platformer through and through to me.

mr durand pierre3247d ago

I'm playing AC2 now actually and feel like it's an extremely conventional game. It's addictive as all hell, but achieves it through tried-and-true game design based on leveling up, collecting stuff, and going on the same few kinds of side quests. I know it sounds cliche, but the game's template really is GTA in Renaissance Italy. Not that that's a bad thing. Just not very convention breaking.

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Redempteur3248d ago

chapter 16 and 17 are such a wonderfull break . i mean After 2 boss fight ( the guy with the shotgun and the heli ) , you're in the village

and when the action pick up you're against well you know ..


And that still works EVEN in co-op mode

SlamVanderhuge3247d ago

...what he said.

Yeah, Uncharted was an all-in-the-box experience like no other.