GamingTrend: Assassin's Creed 2 Review

GamingTrend writes: "Ubisoft's 2007 hit, Assassin's Creed, garnered a lot a praise and criticism with its romp through the middle-east circa 1191 A.D. While the world was expansive and immersive initially, the rooftop races and assassination missions quickly deteriorated into tedious repetition as you were forced to connect with Altair by completing side missions before you could progress the storyline. I was sucked into the story enough that I found enjoyment throughout, but looking back on it there wasn't a lot of variety. In fact, the PC version of the game was released with additional content to improve the experience. Be that as it may, the ending was abrupt and anticlimactic, and the points of the game where you control the main character, Desmond, were somewhat lackluster and only hinted at what this was all about."

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