Level7 Review: EyePet

Level7: To date this generation, it's the Wii which is the great family console. Sony has a chance to change, at least in part, on this autumn. For even though most of the PS3 game releases are targeted to an adult, spelvan audience, with Buzz and Singstar which the most conspicuous exceptions, it is EyePet their biggest chance so far to convince families with children that there is a black, shiny console that will be during the television after Christmas.

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Lifendz3337d ago

just because it's so different from everything else. A virtual pet simulator? What are you looking for on this? Do you grade it on how much fun you, an adult, has with it or do you give it a boost because a toddler would probably love it?

I dunno how I would approach this game. Maybe a blend of all of the above.

hay3337d ago

Don't classify, just let the kid inside you have fun with it.