Toshiba Delays Launch of HD DVD Recorder

Toshiba Corp., a leading maker of consumer electronics, on Thursday issued a statement that it would delay the release of the HD DVD recorder for consumers RD-A1. The company apologized for the delay and said it was conditioned by unexpected production delay.

Toshiba said that it would release its HD DVD burner, which also includes 1TB hard disk drive storage, on the 27th of July, 2006, approximately two weeks behind the original schedule on July 14. The firm did not explain the exact reasons for the delay, but cited problems with production without elaborating. Given that it is unclear whether Toshiba plans to market the RD-A1 device outside Japan, only customers in the land of the rising sun are effected by the announcement.

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joemutt5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

I wish all delays were this short!!!!!

TheMART5418d ago

That's because they just upgraded the firmware to be able to put out 1080p also. Not that it's nescessary I think but it's a selling point for all that blabla guys that need 1080p without a 1080p native tv

Like those Sony/PS fanboys

andy capps5417d ago

OMG I'm theMART, this just shows how rushed the HD-I'm-so-last-generation-DVD is. This is what happens when you have an UNTESTED format, with an UNTESTED drive, etc. Now I'm going to copy and paste this post on every thread related to HD-DVD or Xbox 360. Repeat ad nauseum.

End sarcastic rant. Of course it's not a rushed product, it was just pushed back for technical reasons. It happens in the technology world all the time, reading CNET or any other tech site every day will show you that.

TheXgamerLive5417d ago

The guy was just expressing a point of view. Relax, this isn't brain surgery. Although being able to do it on my XBOX 360 would be cool:))

omansteveo5417d ago

First of all its the recorder not the player whos gettin a HD-DVD recorder...theres tons of reviews the sho that the player is proven not flawless ut proven i want a player not a recorder.

joemutt5417d ago

Like your cd burner will also play the cd's.

mikeeno75417d ago

Toshiba do great laptops! Sorry, a bit off topic, but they're awesome!!

achira5417d ago

sony too, mine is amazing. a vaio: slim, quit, needs low energy, fast enough, perfect design, i love it.