God of War 3 demo and how it compares to Bayonetta

Thesavepoints: Hey people, it's been a long time (again), but I have a bit of time to write right now. Work and school make sure to keep me busy, but I still sneak in gaming time. So I've played some Demon's Souls, bought Uncharted 2 and beat it on hard (Single Player review coming later today or tomorrow hopefully), played some more Demon's Souls until Bayonetta came in through the mail. At that point, nothing else mattered. I've been sucked in this game every moment I could afford to play it. I'm almost done running through normal mode, so I'll be writing a review really soon before hopping on the harder difficulties.

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Simon_Brezhnev3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

lol comparing a demo to a full game and complaining why kratos so serious that he need to have fun. Then saying some shít like GOW3 controls are outdated. This article fails so hard you need to compare DM4 to Bayonetta.

JANF3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

wrong post

Guido3240d ago

Sounds like he has too much time to spend wasting our lives away on dribble. Sorry, but GOWIII will blow Bayonetta away. It's just another Devil May Cry.

hay3240d ago

I haven't been a fan of GoW series. Played first two just not to be behind my buddies. It was kinda ok. But GoW3 is different story. Demo was incredible. So since it's way better it's not double standard of any kind.
It isn't more of the same. GoW3 is seriously improved over past 2 iterations. Plays better, feels better, looks better and in addition to old gameplay elements, it provides quite a bunch of new tricks that hooks you in. And it's only a demo.
So no. GoW3 isn't even close to rehash. This comes not from a GoW fan but gamer in overall.

mal_tez923240d ago

Games like these focus on looking cool rather than being fun. I have to say I'm not a fan of buttonmashers.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3240d ago

Then you probably hate GOD, Bayoneta, DMC, and Ninja Gaiden 2 right? The first Ninja Gaiden is not a button masher, that's why is considered the best action game evr created and the reason of why Itagaki was so coc-ky. He knew it.

Ju3240d ago

Oh come on, somebody tries to use GoW3 to promote Bayonetta. Nice viral article that is.

peeps3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

you'll get a load of disagree's like gametimeUK but i do agree with u. fair play to give your opinion. the peoples reasons for disagreeing seems to be "you must be a 360 fanboy"

edit: replied to the wrong comment but ah well

execution173240d ago

are bring up DMC, maybe the next one will be awesome, 1 was awesome, 2 blowed, 3 was hella awesome, and 4 ahem blowed, which leaves part 5 from what i read a few years ago should of been part 4 bring back MUNDUS and NERO ANGELO, and maybe phantom and griffin

Anon19743240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

What the hell is Bayonetta? This game isn't even a blip on my radar screen. Anyone want to fill me in?

Edit Below. Yeah, what's Bayonetta? I could google it myself but I'd rather just get a real answer from a real person as to why this should interest anyone. What's Bayonetta? Other than hearing some griping about the demo I have no idea what this is.

raztad3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Ridiculous article. Bunch of bias and opinions. Waste of reading time.

Guy needs to try something else to promote Bayonetta. Trash talking GoW3 wont make it, unless you are a xboxer. Very recently the GoW COLLECTION was released and it's gathering a lot of 9 all over the place AGAIN. If that is not a testament of GoW quality, I dont know what it is. GoW3 will be a massive improvement over GoW2. No doubts about it.

Regarding the controls, you got to be delusional if you think GoW controls are gonna be changed in any iteration. For kratos'sake they are the way the game plays. If you change GoW's control, or the camera, or the rolling you change the game, it wont be GoW anymore. I dont want GoW to turn on another DMC clone.

Now regarding Bayonetta. It could be the best game this whole gen, but I'm not supporting shoody ports. Those who own both a PS3/xbox. If you are a PS3 only owner Bayonetta shouldnt be more than a bargain bin or a quick rental.

@sikbeta BELLOW

Now you mention COD, I got some sort to dejavou. This is like COD lovers wanting every FPS to play and feel like COD. Now every game should play like DMC?, you got to be kidding me. Games are different to cater different tastes. If you like COD, and dislike KZ2 just move on, the same thing with GoW3 and DMC/Ninja Gaiden clones.

HolyOrangeCows3240d ago

I think this might have been a joke article.

sikbeta3240d ago

Outdated controls?

Seriously I hate when a kid whine becauze of teh controls, pathetic!

The whole article is pathetic, comparing GOW with Bayonetta, a DMC wanabe? lol

Then what he is going to compare MGS4 with COD, hilarious!

sack_boi3240d ago

No matter which one is better you all get to play both.
I'm I missing something here?

Chubear3240d ago

The PR group responsible for Bayonetta are aggressive indeed. From last year's E3 they've gotten a lot of the gaming media to push Bayonetta as the second coming.

And now their doing what I call "The Piggy Back tactic" where they're latching some normal decent game to a juggernaut to boost it's popularity. You know, it was done with Pure on Motorstorm kinda thing.

Putting Bayonetta up there in comparison to GoW is mind numbingly nonsensical, actually implying it's better than GoW transcends stupidity. However, with the dumbest gamers we've seen in any generation, it works.

bruiser813240d ago

I agree with IMDABOSS this is def a DMC type game, GOW has a totally diff flavor. Both look bada$$ though

ABizzel13240d ago

Bayonetta's combat system is more flashy and action packed than God of War's (God of War's combat system is simple and made for everyone). I like witch time and the idea of dodging to activate it has is bitter sweet. I also like being able to pick up enemy weapons and using them, but God of War beats Bayonetta in every other aspect.

I don't even have to play Bayonetta to tell that the story is going to be mediocre (like DMC), the enemies (based off the demo) were no smarter than any other action game the thing is you have to try to dodge their attacks at the last minute EVERY TIME to enter witch mode making the game slightly more challenging.

Graphically Bayonetta looks like DMC4 less Gothic with brighter colors (DMC4 a game made in 2008 Bayonetta comes to the US in 2010).

Bayonetta is unnecessarily bloody. You're this chick, and you're using your hair to kill whatever they are in the most bloody and flashy way possible. In God of War Kratos was out for blood to being with, in Bayonetta it just doesn't fit that the game is that bloody. You talk about unnecessary killing, what about the dragon hair thingy chewing the angel thingy alive and slamming it repeatedly against the wall with blood spraying out, but the developers try to make it comical by letting Bayonetta slap it's hand away before it meets it's doom. Sorry but that's not [email protected]$$. AT ALL.

The controls in God of War are tight and simple so you can play the game and enjoy it. One of the faults with Bayonetta (DMC and Ninja Gaiden) is that they give you this overly complicated combat system that you have to take time out to learn you you can look [email protected]$$. That's bitter sweet. It looks good, but how many people want to remember A, A, A, B, B, X, Y, A, A, A (360 buttons easier to spell out than PS3's) to play an action game. Not you're average gamer or people who want to try the action genre.

Blocking. I guess you never played Ninja Gaiden, because you're hacking and blocking about 50-50. Not to mention in God of War if you time your block just right you counter (like in Bayonetta minus the witch time).

Next God of War's speed is fine as is Bayonetta's.

Flying. I agree you should be able to fight while flying you could on God of War 2 when riding Pegasus. Also the part was drawn out and it talks time getting use to the flight controls (kind of stiff).

Overall after reading about all the powers and accessories you get in Bayonetta I'm more interest about the game. I still think God of War is the best action game out there. The God of War experience just blows away every other action game because of Story, Character development, Scale, Combat, and everything else put in it, but we'll see if Bayonetta can match up.

ultimolu3240d ago

Um...Bayonetta and GOWIII are completely different games.

WTF was this guy smoking?

L-Teezy3240d ago

this is the same guy who did a GOW demo bashing article yesterday stating:

"Dave already did a comparison between this and the infinitely superior Bayonetta"


"And tone down the violence just a little bit. Oh, and make Kratos a proper character, or just kill him off and replace him with a good, well developed character."

sounds like a preacher wrote this, or just a certified dip sh*t

Makroyale3240d ago

From the authors comments:

"Bayonetta: Edge, Eurogamer and Famitsu all gave it perfect scores (PS3 got 38/40, 360 40/40 for Famitsu)."

Um, no they didn't. Eurogamer gave it a 9/10 retard. Why don't you actually READ the sites you are CITING!!!!!

Perkel3240d ago

both are good games but only gow gives you this feeling in every hit like you are the god of war and you are reealy pissed off...

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-GametimeUK-3241d ago

Just as I feared. GodOW 3 is just a rehash of 2 basically with outdated controls. Resident Evil 5 was bashed for having its controls like Resi 4 so im sure the same rules apply here.

ActionBastard3241d ago

You really mush troll better man. DMC had the same controls. Ninja Gaiden 2 had the same controls. It's a good thing for action games IMO. Don't be mad you can't play Gow3. PS3 owners get to play both Bayonetta AND GoW3, win/win.

zootang3241d ago

DesperatetimesUK for GamertimeUK

Raf1k13241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

That's all I have to say about it.

edit: I'll admit improving controls is always a good thing but TBH just how much can the existing controls be improved? If you can't think of a good way to improve controls you have no business saying that using the same controls is a bad thing.

JANF3241d ago

I love PS3 Fans double standard, for them games like Halo, MW2, L4D2 are crap because they play the same as previous ones but when talking about GOW111 is ok to be the same because is a PS3 exclusive, hypocrites.

Darkeyes3241d ago

We will see when GOW3 lands in March and owns all the games in the hack and slash genre (Beyonetta and Dante's Inferno). The story line will be unparalleled,Amazing graphics, amazing sound track TITANS, GODS, KRATOS RIPPING EYE BALLZ AND HEADS. Seems like the author of the article can't stomach violence and GOW3 is the last game to play if you hate gore....

As someone said... Same old Prototype vs Infamous... We know who won in that and GOW3 is the no brainer.

Bilbo653241d ago

Theres a huge difference in a series overhauling its engine and just reusing the exact same one with a few new character models and maps.

JANF3241d ago

@ Bilbo65

so what your are saying is that graphics is what makes a game good or bad, please. Next time try to come up with a better logic.

Bilbo653241d ago

Lol when did i say that, i said there should be some progression in their code that means better AI, smoother gameplay, pacing, enemy types and yea there should be some improvement in graphics as well.

JANF3241d ago


That's my point, Halo 3 for example had better AI, smoother gameplay, pacing, different enemy types and improvement in graphics as well, but for PS3 fans the game was crap because it played similar to the previous ones, but is ok for GOWIII to play similar to the previous GOW because is a PS3 exclusive, like i said i'm loving the double standard.

Im not hating on GOWIII, i'm just saying PS3 fans are a bunch of hypocrites.

Bilbo653241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Halo 3 had a really terrible campaign mode imo of course, no new enemy types, pacing was hardcore backtracking and not satisfying (Gravemind and the monitor "fight"), AI was bad, story was not memorable and poorly constructed (people always say to read the books but screw that I'm a gamer) and the graphics were nothing special.

Sure the online kept me busy for a while (my friends pretty much only play this) but the gameplay feels really "floaty" to me.

While God of War's gameplay hasn't changed much its controls are tight and the combat is fast and satisfying add on a epic story and amazing boss battles and you have a great series

And from Gow1 to 2 there is a huge jump in quality, variety and pacing so to say it hasn't evolved is rubbish.

The_Zeitgeist3240d ago

I could care less if its a rehash of part 1 and 2. Those are two of the greatest games of all time. The control scheme is perfect and doesn't need to be changed. The only thing part 3 needs to do to be a great game is finish out the story of Kratos with a big giant epic bang. PERIOD.

HammockGames3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

@ Lametime,

They could build monuments to commemorate your trolling (hint: that's not a compliment). All the comments you toss out are flammunition.

We get it, you don't like the PS3. Now how's about you get lost if you're not going to actually offer a constructive comment or two?

Guido3240d ago

He's just a disgruntled Xbox fanboy that has gone through a few too many 360's and is upset that the 360 has had a horrible year in 2009 thus far. He is a victim here guys, be kind to him...

Or not.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Let's be honest people. GOD3 it's the same as the first 2 games but with HD graphics, it even has the fixed camera angles for god's sake! A PS3 game with fixed camera angles? Are kidding me?

@-GametimeUK- may be trolling but this time he's trolling with truth and his 30 disagrees shows what is really wrong with this site.

@Action Bastard your comment confirms it. DMC4 changed the pace of the DMC series with Nero and his arm that stretches, Ninja Gaiden 2 battle system it's completely different than the first, now it is easier, faster and a button masher for the noobs. Don't try to hide facts with lies.

And yes, I agree with @JANF comment about the double standards of PS3 fanboys. I'm a PS3 fanboy and even I can see though that BS.In fact, it is sad. Their high bubble count means that they are indeed PS3 fanboys.

raztad3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )


Why are you complaining about GoW3? you havent played the game, have you? At least wait till march (it's not that far away) before jumpin to conclusions. Oh even better skip the game altogether and let the Gow fans enjoy it, there are so many games, why to get stuck in one you wont be having fun?

The fixed camera has nothing to do with he hardware. It's a design decision. It helps with the epicness of GoW. If something have been a success in the Gow series is the extremely well done fixed camera.

Regarding the famous "double standard" about innovations it's all in your mind and xboxers. The people complaining about innovation in every game are some reviewers. Go and give a look to R&C:ACiT reviews and threads, or KZ2's, or Gametrailers UC2 review.

Finally, I'm not sure if you played previuos GoWs. I dont rememeber when I was able to rid a cyclop and smash enemies with it, or to ride the arpies. Hell, what I 'm saying I still need to play GoW3 myself.

nycredude3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

All you people calling GOW 3 just an HD GOW 1 and 2, GTFO. GOW collection is GOW 1 and 2 in HD, and guess what it owns pretty much all action games this gen. Name me one game this gen that had environments as big, boss battles as epic, and a storyline as good to boot. Go ahead name it! I don't see what the problem is.

One was great, they improved on it greatly in 2 and I am sure 3 will see the same progression. So what is with the hate. You don't like it great but why waste your time telling us? I don't care if you like it or not, as long as I get to buy it day one and play it. As for DevilGirl May Cry, I mean Bayonetta I might get it later on when the onslaught of exclusives die down at a cheap price.

Personally I can't stand the cheasiness of the DMC series and Bayonetta looks just like it. Why don't you make her shoot nipples that kills the enemies while you are at it. What about her pubs? Maybe that can be a deadly weapon too!

YogiBear3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Well considering that GOW 1 and 2 controls were just about perfect i'll take the rehash.

@VBoard- I am convinced you have no idea what you are talking about.

Information Minister3240d ago

@ 2.14 -

GametimeUK isn't trolling with the truth, he's trolling with his opinion which is hardly a scientific fact. The control scheme in GoW may be old (although 2005 wasn't that long ago) but not outdated. It's smooth, responsive and enjoyable, unlike RE5 where you had to fight the controls AND the enemies. It's like comparing oranges to apples.

DelbertGrady3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I think most of the PS3 fanboys have an agenda with Bayonetta for three reasons.

1. It's not a PS3 exclusive.
2. It's gotten lots of praise in media which make it a threat to PS3 exclusives like God of War 3.
3. The 360 version of the game runs better.

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Troll_Police3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Ah, I sense another inFAMOUS vs. [PROTOTYPE] competition from the Xbox fanboys. We all know who won that one. inFAMOUS is the much better game as God of War III will be a much better game than Bayonetta. In the end, PS3 owners win again because we can play both.

MajestieBeast3240d ago

Funny thing we can play them both if we want but i think ill go for gow3 after playing the demo im just wowed combat feels good and the new weapon is very cool and the gore is better then ever. Bayonetta couldnt really impress me.

Gobot3240d ago

comparing bayonetta 30fps aka devil may cry4 to god of war3?
oh man i can tell that god of war3 is going to suck gameplay wise and graphically. i mean just look at the old ones 9.5's, good controlling and OMG such a stupid story line!
get real Mayonesa freaks the game is basically devil may cry 4 with a girl and slow mo option lol