Thesavepoints Preview: God of War 3 E3 2009 demo

Thesavepoints: Dave already did a comparison between this and the infinitely superior Bayonetta, but there are still some things I want to talk about in it.

Now I'll try to not compare it too much to much better games like Devil May Cry, so I'll just talk about what I liked (don't worry, that part will be very short) and what I didn't like about the demo, and in the end what I think could be improved and if I'll end up giving the final game a chance or not.

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MmaFanQc3247d ago

"comparison between this and the infinitely superior Bayonetta"

i lold

Serjikal_Strike3247d ago

cuz it just got worse from that point on....

the guy writing this is a total douche...he makes no sense...
he's hated the 1st 2 GOW why is he playing the demo for GOW3, other than to bash and trash it!

Someone please give this guy Laxatives cuz he's full of $h!t

cuzzz30003247d ago

This is the same sad song littering gaming sites all over. Why? make that How? can you begin to compare a finished...crappy I may add Devil May Cry game to a Demo of God of War 3. Better yet why even review a game in a series you clearly dislike and admittedly haven't played since the first installment. Just because you can write a review doesn't mean your should or better yet that you are qualified to do so.

Bloodshoteyz3247d ago

Seriously O_o.... How can someone be so harsh on something so amazingly fun and creative with visually stunning graphics. I have the GOW3 Demo and love it, have played it at least 30 times now. I'm in shock that someone could feel this way towards the franchise but then again his opinion is just as valid as mine. Saddening though to see harsh treatment towards this game in particular though.

Ma1nframe3246d ago

LMFAO @the infinitely superior this guy on crack or what?

Hanif-8763246d ago

God Of War 3 e3 demo is far away from the final product because its a very old build of the game and its in 720p and the final product is 1080p so that should tell you alot

evilmonkey5013246d ago

the rsx would have a hell of a time running all that @1080p. I think the fact that the demo is in 720p should give you a clue as to what the engine ultimately supports.(720p) friggin nvidia and that rsx...its definitely the Achilles heel of the ps3. Mark my words: ps4 will have an amd/ati gpu and not an nvidia gpu. Sony is quite bent at nvidia over the rsx. Only basic arcade games will ever run at native 1080p.

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