Retailers list Heavy Rain for February 26 release

CC: After reports that Heavy Rain is due on February 18, Amazon UK and Play have today listed the PlayStation 3 exclusive for February 26.

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mj2463268d ago

so we know it's coming around february/march time :)

dpdvxkpizbnwg3268d ago

Can't they move it to July? There's so many good games around that time it could affect sales :|

callahan093268d ago

I don't care about sales, I care about getting to play this game. I've been excited about it for years. The sooner the better.

MetalGearRising3268d ago

No thanks not interested in flops only AAA titles on xbox360.

mjolliffe3268d ago

Don't comment or click on the article if your not interested :)

Admiral_Benson3268d ago

Ah, that would explain why you have so much spare time to troll PS3 related articles then...not alot to play.

ThePlaystation3guy3268d ago

He's interested in "360 exclusives" like Splinter Cell: Conviction which will hit the PS3 a few months down the road. ;D

dpdvxkpizbnwg3268d ago

Agreed. Though it's gonna be hard all these games!

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