My Christmas Wishlist - Feed Your Console

Josh from Feed Your Console Says:

Dear Santa,

Last year I wrote you a letter for a different site and it was changed so much to not "offend anyone" I was worried that you may not get my list but true to form, you came through. Somehow you found what was once a great Christmas letter and you really delivered. I got the booth babes back at E3, I got a new controller for my Xbox and you even replaced my wife's controller for me. You surely spoiled me and this year I will thank you with some of the best cookies and Hot Chocolate you've ever had.

I've been really good so for Christmas this year, I have a few requests and I really hope you can fill them:

- I'm really excited to see what Natal does for the Xbox and I think the potential for it is incredible just as I thought that the Wii would be a pretty cool toy but the system has very little AAA titles and all the games seem to be purely for casual gamers. I hate casual games. Please don't let Natal go this way. I want it to be fun and exciting to use.

- Further to the point above, I'm not sure that they should be charging any more than $99 for it. That's too much. So if you could perhaps help me out with that, I'd really appreciate it.

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