APB Enforcer Factions Detailed

NowGamer: Realtime Worlds has lifted the lid on the cops of the APB world - the Prentiss Tigers and the Praetorians

The studio's last vodcast detailed the criminal gangs of San Paro, but the newest looks at the opposing factions. The Praetorians are described by lead creative designer Kitkat (aka Stephen Hewitt) as a "corporate police force", while the Prentiss Tigers are made up of jocks.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603337d ago

Canceled game on the 360. lol. The 360 did not meet the requirements to run a game like APB.

UltimateSin3337d ago

Cancelled? It was a rumour that it would come out on the 360. Realtime Worlds said it still might come out on 360, just not at the same time as the PC version.