Wii & PC: The Ultimate Team

Kombo: After my recent game store encounter in which I encountered resistance and admonishment for my choice in gaming platforms, I started thinking. Is having just a Wii and a PC such an odd combination for a gamer? Maybe it is, but after consideration I have come to the conclusion that it is by no means a bad partnership. In fact, I'd say it offers a player a great scenario full of choice. Really, the Wii and PC could not be more different as platforms, which is perhaps why I gravitated towards PC gaming so I could have a unique experience, and learn some things along the way too. For me, the combination has worked out really well so far, with each system catering to a different aspect of my gaming needs.

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EvilTwin3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I've seen this sentiment echoed on here (you around, oobob?) before.

Honestly, I think it makes sense. A lot of the top-tier titles the PS3 and 360 have over the Wii are FPS. If you're a die-hard FPS player, you'll get better graphics and control on a PC.

Then you'll still have a console for the types of games associated with one: platforming, action/adventure, RPG, RTS, puzzle, etc. The Wii is covered in a lot of non-shooter genres, and it's hard to beat first-party Nintendo titles; personally, I also prefer IR/pointer over dual analog for shooters.

But to each their own. You really can't argue with buying a PS3 for what you get, IMO. And if your tastes are more for Uncharted than Zelda, it's obvious which console is for you.

N4g_null3247d ago

Man I've been saying this for a while and what is funny is most pc gamers get it also.

I don't know hd gaming has no treasure games no snk collections no shoot em ups like r-type no really great adventure games that challenge you and no 2d love. Vannilla ware and grasshopper are among my fav studios also. Then you have to look at what capcom is bringing, old school true hardcore gaming in mega man 9 tvsc mhtri and admitting that they can make even better games on the wii.

I have to admit asscreed 2 is boring and nothing beats quakewars on the pc game play wise. Then you do have nintendos games which don't need updates at all more patches. For some reason blu Ray can not fix that problem.

Also uncharted reminds me of tomb raider or that wii game that came out a while ago, was it Indy jones, I think so when I've been playing pc games that have done adventure gaming better.

The author makes a great point also the hd consoles simply do not have enough things different about them to be called a console. They are pcs simple and plain, why buy a weak box when you can get the real thing amd next gen starts when your ready to buy it.

On top of this it just seems many gamers have bough two almost identical system for an exculsive or two. That is like building a pc for a handful of's no wonder so many of you fight with other hd gamers to make your self feel better.

To the ps3 owners sony's way to success is to be what sega use to be a direct competitor to nintendo. Instead they went after ms who baited them into being as far from a console maker as you can go. If the ps3 sales fall again then it will be the end of sony's arrogance. That would be a good thing though.

I'm happy ps3 gamers got what they wanted yet it did not win over the call of duty players which means hd gaming is slowly turning into pc gaming which will kill it eventually. Nintendo has nothing to do with that yet ms can survive hd gamings death the same way they drugged off the hddvd lost.

Fortunatly ms nor Sony can copy the quality of nintendo games and hd gamers have to admit their games look better but play like empty corpses, yet zombie are the new fad go figure.