Japan: PS3, Wii poll comparisons

Sony and Nintendo can try to differentiate their target markets, but the reality is that their upcoming consoles will still compete against one another. That's obvious, but if recent Japanese anticipation polls say anything, it's that Japanese gamers prefer to wait for the strong PlayStation brand until a "significant PS3 price-drop." In the interim, they could be swooping up Wiis if the console's motion controls and virtual console deliver.

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joemutt5796d ago

They werent even looking in Nintendos direction, but they are worried now.

Everyone in Japan wants a Wii, how suprising, they want the DS too!

BLACKSTYX5796d ago

DS is crack over there, seriously I've seen ppl fighting over their nintendo dogs

Dick Jones5795d ago

EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

TheMART5795d ago

As I've said before

Japan Wii on top, 360 and PS to follow
Rest of the world: 360 on top, Wii 2nd because there are much Wii60 fans and after that the overexpensive betablurayplayer PS64

achira5795d ago

this poll is old. posting the same poll all the time does not make it correcter. i bet there is a error +- 70%.

omansteveo5795d ago

correcter?..its more correct.

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The story is too old to be commented.