Big In Japan: Koei Tecmo's CEO On Synergy, Western Expansion

The merger of Japanese game companies Koei and Tecmo completed earlier this year -- giving the former, which is in the drivers' seat of the combined company, Koei Tecmo, something very desirable: IP that works in the Western market, and creators who know how to make it.

The company, which employs 1200 to 1300 developers in Japan in Yokohama (originally Koei) and Tokyo (originally Tecmo) -- as well as more at studios in China, Lithuania, Singapore, and Canada -- will continue to operate its combined forces at full tilt. Planned consolidation is coming only in the marketing, sales, and distribution fronts.

The company says that, despite claims made this year by third parties, the company has 24 to 25 percent of sales outside of Japan in the most recent fiscal year. Of course, it would also like to improve those stats.

Here, its president and CEO, Kenji Matsubara, lays out the current state of the combined company, and discusses the state of its Canada studio, its new games -- including its IP collaborations with external companies -- and the possibility of expansion into the social networking space, particularly in Asia.

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