Andy Murray "addicted to MW2"

NEWLY-single Andy Murray was dumped by his girlfriend for spending SEVEN HOURS a day on his PlayStation 3.

Blonde Kim Sears, 21, pulled the plug on their four-year romance because it "drove her mad", pals said last night.

One said of the Wimbledon ace's addiction to playing video TENNIS and shoot-'em-ups like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: "He would spend all his time glued to them.

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JsonHenry3430d ago

Sounds like he is the lucky one. If a girl wants your head stuck up her ass 24/7 you can almost guarantee that she is going to divorce you one day over something stupid. Need to find a girl with a hobby of her own, cause when YOU are her hobby you will NEVER be happy.

Venatus-Deus3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Is doesn’t matter how beautiful she is; there’s always at least one guy who’s tired of listening to her problems.

If it, floats, flies or fcuks; it cheaper to rent...

Edit: Hang on... a 21 year old semi attractive nobody dumps the world’s third best (???) multi-million pound globetrotting tennis player because he doesn’t talk to her enough. Man she’s a keeper. How many women would do that?

Andy, buy her a small dog and fcuk her at least once a week and get your head down there at least once a month. Problem sorted.

Guido3430d ago

I get a funny feeling when I read your post then look at your cute little Elmo avatar... It just makes me want to keep my kids away from Sesame Street. lol

Gamehead363430d ago

Elmo avatar + sexual comments = nightmares

ceedubya93430d ago

Those three things go a long way to having a successful relationship. My wife understands that I like to play my games, and that it is a way for me relax and have fun. She will play a game every now and then, but not as much as me. But she understands that that is one of my things.

But, I know when its time to turn the games off and get back to real life, work, and family. So, it works for our home.

I'm not sure what their relationship was like (and they were not married) but after being together for 4 years, there should have been some type of communication going on or something. How do you throw a 4 year relationship away over gaming?

Of course, if he spent most of his time training and playing matches, and then spending the rest of his time playing games and not much of any with his girl, I guess there really wasn't much of a relationship there anyway.

Perhaps he needs to find himself a girlfriend that also likes long gaming sessions.

INehalemEXI3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

It was puppy love Andy, don't trip man. Unconditional love it was not. If you ditch someone over something so trivial and set time parameters on your loving.....Your just a user abusing a person like they where a substance.

I am not Dr Phil, I am sure it was more complicated but that is my opinion.

skatezero2463430d ago

couldn't have said it better myself

shawnsl653430d ago

Well this is no where as bad as people getting divorced over world of warcraft. I swear there're subliminal messages in that game.

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djreplay3430d ago

No wonder he hasn't won a major, put the pad down andy and get back on the court.

chak_3430d ago

I would have played 4 hours to keep the girl, but oh well :o

reintype3430d ago

She should have waited awhile more, Andy would have bought a Playstation Motion Controllers eventually.

By then she would have found out that the PS3 really does everything!

dragonelite3430d ago

Wow i saw what you did there and i like it.

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heylo3430d ago

he's not an American so he's unimportant.

PS360PCROCKS3430d ago

heylo wtf is wrong with you? I'm an american and you're an idiot.