Toshiba Plans HD DVD Laptop Counter-Offensive

Apparently hoping to counter the "PS3-effect" on Blu-ray sales, HD DVD backer Toshiba says it plans to put HD DVD drives in all of its laptops in 2008.

While the manufacturer currently provides optional HD DVD drives for its laptops, Toshiba Senior Vice President Hisatsugu Nonaka said today at a news conference that all Toshiba laptops will come with HD DVD drives next year. "The demand is there; people want to watch their favorite movies in high-definition on the road," explained Nonaka.

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ITR5093d ago

Thats good and all, but they need someone like Dell or HP to adopt the HD drive.

If you can get Dell or HP on your side you'll have good market penetration coming into 08'.

drtysouf215093d ago

but HP is supporting both HP DV9000 series Laptop and they have Desktops that have Dual drives.

kewlkat0075093d ago

I'm looking at this laptop, CENTRINO PRO/HD-DVD too.

reaperxciv5093d ago

yup plus walmart plans to adopt hddvd

BIGBAER5093d ago

HP is selling a lot of HD-DVD equipped PCs and laptops. I ordered mine with the 17" Brightview display. Work & play go tegether so nicely sometimes.

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fenderputty5093d ago

exists because people play their PS3's on HDTV's. I'm not going to start buying HD-DVD's simply because my laptop can play them. I would be happier as a current supporter of the format though since movie I've already bought can be played on medium other then an HDTV.

HokieFan5093d ago

That's probably true...but more HD DVD drives out in the market can't hurt. The only thing is that if HD DVD really took off as a storage medium for computers, that could probably help them in their fight against Blu-ray. To have that though, Toshiba would really have to get some cheap burners out in the market fast.

fenderputty5093d ago

It's not a bad thing at all. I just don't see this as a counter to the "PS3 Effect"

weekapaugh5093d ago

What % of people watch movies on their laptop? Hey lets go out and buy that new HD movie so we can watch it on a 15" screen! [es]

ITR5093d ago

Well I'm looking at a Mac Book Pro but so far they haven't came out with a HD or BD drive.

So I'm holding off until I see HD or BD or both.

HokieFan5093d ago

I completely forgot about Mac. Has Apple said anything about which format(s) they will support?

ITR5093d ago

I'm expecting a hybrid drive why?

FCP supports projects in both HD and BD formats.
Leo beta has support for both HD and BD formats.
iDVD and iMovie apparently supports HD and BD formats in it's next iLife installment.

I figure once Apple goes this way Disney might just follow along since ol Steve Jobs is on Disney's board of directors.

JIN KAZAMA5093d ago

that move, by putting Blu_Ray drives in all Vaoi's. The fact is, there are tons of options for laptops, and putting it in their laptops wont have that big of an impact, but just make their laptop more expensive and less mainstream right now. I personally wouldnt want to watch a HD movie on my small LCD screen laptop, i wouldnt mind dvd for that. Now, Watching DVD vs. Blu-RAY on my HDtv, i'd def. go with the blu-ray. So, Toshiba can try with their laptops, but Sony can easily counter, and still end up on top. HD-DVD is over folks, its a sinking ship. Get over it. Blu-Ray is here to stay.
And for the people that say Digital Distribution is going to kill both.
First off, thats pretty far off into the future, and second, Blu-Ray discs will still be valued because you'll need them to burn the data that you dloaded in the first place.

Babylonian5092d ago

My exact same thoughts bro, in fact Sony is already incorperating Blu-ray drives into it's Vaio's. This counteract of Toshiba is quite pointless. And if people are seeing that HD-DVD is losing slowly, why do they still want it go competing with Blu-ray. I thought many people wanted this format war to end and they didn't care who would win.

It's of course understandable that Toshiba wants to keep on going, every company doesn't want to lose. But if we are seeing that Blu-ray is gaining and winning more and more, than it's best for us (as we all want 1 format) to support Blu-ray so that the war ends quicker and we all be happy.

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