GamesOnNet: 2 Minute Review: God of War Collection

Set against the rich backdrop of Hellenic mythology, the Playstation2 franchise God of War depicted the brutal clash between Kratos and the Greek gods of Olympus. Over the course of his ascent to godhood, subsequent fall and quest for revenge against the very gods who betrayed him, the Ghost of Sparta brutally hacked, sliced, chopped and diced his way through endless creatures. No mythical beast was safe from his blood-fuelled fury, with Gorgons, Cyclops, Centaurs, Hydra and Cerberus, along with many other well-known characters of lore, all succumbing to his whirling blades. Both God of War titles are widely considered to be classics, across all platforms, not just the Playstation 2.

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Nitrowolf23243d ago

honestly even though its a game from last gen it offer upgraded to 720P and tophie support for 40$ for 2 games and a demo and it gets a 3.5