Microsoft investigates Windows 7 'screen of death'

BBC news:

Microsoft has confirmed that it is investigating a problem described as the "black screen of death", which affects its latest operating system.

The error means that users of Windows 7 see a totally black screen after logging on to the system.

The firm said it was looking into reports that suggest its latest security update, released on Tuesday 25 November, cause the problem.

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Nitrowolf23247d ago

oh man i got a new comp with 7 i better restore before tuesday

mal_tez923247d ago

I heard sound from my speakers but there was nothing on my screen. I tried resetting and everything else and then after about 5 minutes realised the video cable had fallen out.

dazzalfc3247d ago

Maybe the whole '______ of death' is to become a tag line with every Microsoft product

execution173247d ago

the BSOD, the RROD, and now the BSOD:O

andron3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

You can always trust MS to provide any features, even those you don't necessarily ever would want.LOL

CyberCam3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )


I'm on the floor LMAO right now!

Crazyglues3247d ago

I was thinking about the same thing... LOL

-that commercial is just too funny

WiiJunkii3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

First, let's not pretend that Mac's don't crash. They have problems of their own...

Second, whatever your feelings are about past MS OS's may be; Windows 7 is truly badass. I've been running it since the day it dropped, and I have not encountered anything but improved, stable performance, with a pretty, streamlined interface.

Just had to share my experience with my new favorite OS.

I think the Mac commercials are getting pretty desperate honestly. Clinging to any Windows "flaw" as if it made PC's unusable.

You know what make's a computer unusable? Not being able to afford it in the first place. I have a monster of a PC and I had to save for a long time to buy it. I would still have a few more years of scraping to do if I wanted to buy a comparable Mac. Plus my most important work apps run poorly on OS.

XxZxX3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I have a mac osx snow leopard, they are not that great either
I also have windows 7, they are much more stable than Vista.. much much more..

Every OS will crash, Mac is not that good as what it promote to be and Windows 7 is not as bad as people think. Either one will work fine for you. Until Mac OSX can also performed as a game platform. It will still posses a major disadvantage to Windows 7.

For those who want to be separate and special with the rest, go ahead use a MAC and brag about it. Deep inside you know, OSX or 7, they are all the same.

somekindofmike3247d ago

@ XxZxX

Not every Mac owner buys a mac because they want to feel "separate and special" some of us buy a mac because they work in an industry dominated by Apple. I just don't like being pigeon holed as a poser due to owning apple hardware... although I know that stereotype does exist, it just doesn't apply to everyone.

Apart from that, I agree with everything else you say.. although I haven't tried windows 7 out for myself, I only hear good things (other than this black screen issue i've read today)

sunil3247d ago

its interesting how apple has managed to brainwash most of us with these ads. lets not kid ourselves... Mac OS has pretty much the same problems as Windows OS users. Simply because the install base is considerably small for apple - you dont get to hear most stories (as loud as you would hear a Windows issue)....

Just my 2 cents

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Gamer713247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

...and the Nov. 25th update definitely caused a problem with my PC. After the autoupdate and subsequent reboot, my PC wouldn't finish booting, and my desktop would just freeze up....I couldn't click on ANYTHING within 2 minutes of booting up. Luckily, I noticed an unknown app running, when I pulled up the task manager. Turns out, some obscure freeware program I'd downloaded a few weeks back to fix some video playback issues, ended up being an apparent "security risk", to Windows anyway, and the update caused the app...which ran in the background, and loaded up upon freeze up everything. So, I booted one more time, immediately went to "Uninstall Programs", and got rid of the app. Problem solved....and lesson learned.

Of course, MS will catch a SH1TLOAD of flack from this, but I'd bet MOST people are getting this "black screen" for similar reasons. Fact is, MS can't be responsible for their OS..and updates to it...being incompatible with some of the THOUSANDS of possible programs/apps that are out there....many without Windows certification.

Godmars2903247d ago

Actually, yes they can. That's the major issue with Vista. MS makes the main operating system for PCs that's suppose to interact with thousands of 3rd party programs. They might not fully be held accountable for every small app that doesn't run on their system, but when those minor apps have a major effect on them? And then there's the whole thing with them making their own versions of popular 3rd party apps. If those suddenly stop working and causing problems, that's suddenly very suspicious. Its what happened to Netscape back in the day.

MaximusPrime3247d ago

i was quite shock at this. i was literally looking for a new laptop last week with Windows 7 OS. I decided to wait till January Sales.

now i dont know what is the best OS.
im currently using XP.

evilmonkey5013247d ago

With ALL computers, back up your data on an external drive.Then it wont matter if it crashes and you cant get it up again.

ChozenWoan3247d ago

With Windows running in a virualized environment. =)

The security of Linux, the compatibility of Windows.

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