Final Fantasy XIII European Box Art Revealed

Square Enix Ltd. has today revealed the European box art for the highly anticipated for Final Fantasy XIII. This latest project in the multi-platinum Final Fantasy series promises to be a compelling Role-Playing Game (RPG) release when it arrives on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 9th March 2010.

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Sangria3242d ago

I'll print the japanese boxart, then, I don't want a Final Fantasy game with anything else than the logo in my game library. It's still better than the US version but I have been accustomed to the japanese way of presenting, I don't want a marketing innovation.

villiers3242d ago

Awesome box-art. On closer inspection it seems like S-E decided to stealth render a nipple on to Lightnings image.

Japanese pervs as usual. :P

I wonder if the US will have the same box-art. The Japanese box-art is the usual logo on white.

The Asian box-art is the same as the EU one but without the logo.

Also the Asian box-art revealed the game is exclusive throughout Asia and not just Jpan.

Hellsvacancy3242d ago

Pretty much sums up the game - a girls game (no offence 2 those wholl buy it, its just not dark enough 4-me)

sack_boi3242d ago

I was hoping they'd keep the classic box-art. What the hell Square?

This one's cool though but I'm still disappointed.

chewmandinga3242d ago

What the hell?? After the ICONIC image of the title with the logo behind it on plain white background, the only image in FF history that deserves to be on the game cover was Cloud squaring up to the Shinra building.

As if they just plopped her on it. First Leona Lewis now this... least the adverts for Elixir were hilarious.

Eamon3242d ago

Sangria, if you are going to print and stick it... then you are one really sad guy.

Although, I would have preferred the EU boxart would have kept the traditional Text with logo on a white background.

They must be trying to appeal to more audiences this time round.

Noctis Aftermath3241d ago

Sigh, why do they have to change things that are perfectly fine.
I swear is it just me or has the final fantasy franchise gone to sh1t after 10?

Sangria3241d ago

Eamon: I'm more than sad, I'm depressive. I actually already did it with Silent Hill Homecoming and Dirt 2. I don't like ugly covers, that's all. This one is not ugly but it doesn't fit the Final Fantasy tradition.

Immortal Kaim3241d ago

That's going to fit in well with all my other Final Fantasy games that display the traditional white background with unique title...


That sucks, don't know what I'll do now...

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kevco333242d ago

Surprisingly, I actualy quite like this box art. I would've wanted just the logo too, until I saw this. Kinda semi-action based without taking away from the fact that it's a Final Fantasy game.

dgroundwater3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Exactly. I love this picture because it's non threatening in it's pose, the sword is off camera.

Lol anything with Lightning on it wins in my book.

Noctis Aftermath3241d ago

I'm very much disappointed in the cover, so many let downs have come with this game and this is just one more.

The traditional box art is what i wanted/expected, but instead i get this rubbish.

Delta3242d ago

Not bad. I like the PS3 Box Better.

kevco333242d ago

Umm... how, exactly?! They're pretty much the same, except the 360 art has an inch or so more of Lightning on it!

BYE3242d ago

I agree the colors go better with the PS3 box.

sack_boi3242d ago

The PS3's box has better AA

robotnik3242d ago

The plastic quality is superior on the PS3.

Eamon3242d ago

at above comments. "The PS3 boxart is superior"

They are the flipping same!!!! Some of you people cannot be saved from this spreading insanity.

*gets a revolver and shoots himself before infection occurs*

sack_boi3241d ago

Your sarcasm meter is clearly broken.

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VMAN_013242d ago

Damn I was hoping for a nice art work with just the titles like the old FF's *sigh* oh well im gonna be playing the game anyway not looking at the box art.

koehler833242d ago

Not a whole lot of effort, huh?

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