Microsoft's Gates Subpoenaed in RROD Suit

The latest "celebrity" to be subpoenaed by Erik Estavillo? None other than Microsoft Chief Bill Gates.

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tweet753247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

how could microsoft make gamers happy? Offer a problem free 360 conole with natal for free to all current 360 owners. This could turn the whole game around. If they could put out a series of AAA titles in 2010 at full price they could still make a good profit if they used this strategy. Maybe go from last place to first.

Pennywise3247d ago

Did you just say MS give away something to all current 360 owners and then follow up with the word profit? I think you even said first place?

I know its early and we all just got out of our dream world... but have a cup of coffee and come back to reality with the rest of us and lets talk about the issue at hand: The faulty hardware case that is finally building steam 3 years late.

movements3247d ago

Give all current 360 owners 360s? You're not making sense.

erathaol3246d ago

Your asking a company that charges for playing online to give something for free? Really?

They already do their best with the 3 year warranty, some may argue that's not good enough but you generally know what your getting into by now when you purchase a console, its like picking a car from a car company.

eagle213246d ago

MS is having the worst year ever: 360 loses the holiday with halo, 1m bans, black screen windows 7, and Bill gets a

Darkfocus3246d ago

Are you serious Pennywise this guy has no case at all and he's representing himself. this is the same person suing Sony(for banning him) and Nintendo(for removing his backup loader).

sikbeta3246d ago

HILARIOUS... you really live in a world with Pink clouds and rainbows everywhere lol

That's never GONNA HAPPEN, you have to say thanks for the "3 years warranty" to the lawsuit attempt against M$ for all the RRODs cases

Anon19743246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I was a huge Xbox fan and when I went to upgrade to a 360, I heard rumblings on the net that there were some serious issues. Microsoft repeated that there were no problems and I, figuring it was just a noisy minority, went ahead and bought my shiny, new Xbox 360.

Since then it's been a horrible experience. 4 consoles later I've lost countless hours on the phone with Microsoft fighting with them when my consoles died, fighting with them to get my money back both times they extended the warranty, fighting with them to take back a disk gouging unit they sent me as a replacement after it ruined three of my games. It's been brutal. I spent over $900 on that blasted console. Paying for the launch console, paying for extra controllers, paying for charge and play kits, paying for XBL, paying for more batteries when the first ones stopped holding a charge, paying for a wireless adapter, paying for the extended warranty because disk gouging isn't covered by the 3 year warranty, even when it's a replacement unit they send you. What I'm left with is a console no longer under warranty that I'm afraid to play.

Had Microsoft not lied to consumers in the first place there's no way I would have spent a dime on the shoddy hardware until they fixed the problem.

I have no sympathy for XBox owners who get burned with RROD now because it's well known, but back during the first year Microsoft flat out lied. They duped consumers into buying their product with false promises of reliable hardware and they should be held to account for it, because they knew damn well there were serious issues. Surely to god the US has some sort of legal protection or lemon law or something to protect consumers from lying corporations.

Back when Sony had read errors on the PS2 they were taken to court and ended up replacing units, refunding repair costs, giving free games and shelling out $25 to each effected user. Why the f**k hasn't Microsoft been forced to clean up their act with the 360? They haven't even fixed the problem yet!

Edit: But let me tell you how I really feel. Yeesh! Sorry for the rant there.

pain777pas3246d ago

They deserve this heat. My first 360 lasted 8 months before RROD. I have the original Playstation that still works and my Master system for that matter.

HolyOrangeCows3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

"The subpoena instructs Gates to bring “documents pertaining to the true and relative number of actual Xbox 360 units that have been fixed by Microsoft over the past 3 years.” Estavillo is also seeking statistical data showing the true number of Xbox 360s that experienced the RROD (or other break-downs) and data on the actual number of people banned from Xbox Live for “piracy” over the period of 11/28/2008 through 11/28/2009."

Sounds reasonable to me. keeping such data secret should be made illegal.

PS3PCFTW3246d ago


hahahahahah what.

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Smootherkuzz3247d ago

This guy is a nut case, But blame the system for not seeing this guy for what he is and until this happens he will continue sue companies, he will try to sue a chair company if he stubs his toe on it.

movements3247d ago

What's wrong with wanting to know the amount of Xbox 360s that has died the dreaded and torture RROD?

darthv723247d ago

what would be the gain? To know exact numbers would do what for this guy? Make him feel good about himself?

I think people like him keep this going because he doesnt know any better. Its old news. YLOD is the new thing and people are trying to cover it up with more old RROD stories.

People should just let this fade away like the ps2 dre finally did.

Trebius3246d ago


Its NOT the new thing lol...

iceman063246d ago

Actually, the true numbers of the RROD consoles would strengthen the case that ANY 360 user has in terms of whether or not MS has indeed released a faulty product. There are consumer standards that electronics must meet and IF 360 is NOT up to standards...MS should be made to get them up to standard and not just keep putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound. If this were Sony and it was YLOD at the same alarming rate I would be saying the same thing. If it was Nintendo and...whatever could go wrong...I would STILL stand by this. It is NOT a fanboy is protecting the consumer from gouging the hell out of us with no regard for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

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Gen0ne3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Those are actual numbers I'd like to see. I've had two 360's RRoD on me. I'm interested in how many "exactly" have sh!t the bed. I'd don't care about the legal side of this story, at all, but the way we're always given percents of, instead of the actual numbers ( which I'm sure is staggering ) makes me want to know the exact truth. That's all. Just the facts, and as a 360 consumer, I feel I'm entitled.

Close_Second3246d ago

...Gates does turn up with factual statistics on RROD numbers. Then what?

I think the best that will happen is that MS will be forced to extend the warranty period for RROD.

iceman063246d ago

They could be forced to comply all of the way up to and including a TOTAL recall of 360's sold within a certain time period. Doubt it WILL happen, but that is a possibility.

tdrules3246d ago

oh this is just silly.
the American judicial system is so faulty to allow a massive tard like this be allowed to make a case

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