Critical Gamer: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta: Preview

Critical Gamer Writes: The Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta contains just the one map, Arica Harbour, which looks a lot like a Middle Eastern desert town. The graphics are more detailed than Battlefield 1943, although it looks like the colour has been drained away, leaving washed out sandy tones; which are in sharp contrast to the brightly coloured beaches of Wake Island in Battlefield 1943. There's less of a cartoon feel to the presentation as well, with the characters all looking reasonably lifelike.

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Mondayding3431d ago

I am so excited about this. I loved 1943 for a number of reasons - huge maps that meant (if you knew what you were doing) you didn't continually suffer the spawn die spawn die of COD, vehicles, destructible environments, small squads (so you don't have to clan up with total strangers just to get a chance of winning (I'm rubbish on my own, see)), and huge maps again.

I'm liking the sound of this one map/mode, sounds like a tactical approach will win out over run and gun, much more suited to my style of play – is it me, or am I the only player out there who'd rather not die at all, even if it means getting single figure kills?

I have a funny feeling we're about to see the new king of console FPSs in BFBC2. Can't wait to get hold of it. On a side note, have you tried going back to 1943 after MW2? Jesus, I've gone from being pretty damn handy to being utterly useless. Again...

scruffy_bear3431d ago

Beta sounds awesome need to get a beta code

malfesto3431d ago

Aye, I wanna get me that code. The last game was awesome.

Cubes3431d ago

Really looking forward to this game, the destruction is really impressive. Roll on March.

scruffy_bear3431d ago

Hope the single player is a much fun as the last one

Jim Crikey3431d ago

It was good in singleplayer... for about three quarters of the game. By the end I found myself bored of doing the same thing all the time, and legging it past soldiers at every opportunity to get to the next checkpoint, just so I could say I'd finished the damn thing (which I did, on hard, because I'm great).

cpuchess3431d ago

The Beta has been great to play, awesome game...

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