GameZone: F1 2009 Review

GameZone writes: "Having struck gold with DiRT and GRID, Codemasters has been eager to add another racing champion to its lineup. F1 2009, developed exclusively for one console and one handheld (Wii and PSP), is the publisher's first attempt at building another racing franchise since the ill-fated release of Fuel. Unlike that game, which turned out to be a total snore-fest, F1 2009 will definitely keep you awake. That's the good news. The bad news is that, while the game contains steering options and controller ideas could be the building blocks of top-tier entertainment, F1 2009 is a perplexing racer that seems to be ahead of its time – or at the very least, ahead of what the Wii can handle and the average gamer's skill level."

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