Games Can do Good

BeefJack writes: "'Orphan Diseases,' a term used to describe rare and often neglected diseases, can turn the life of any family upside down. Unlike well known conditions, these orphans are given little when it comes to research funds and new treatments. Families who face these plaques are almost powerless to save their loved ones, and could really use some support. One organization,, is working to use video games to solve that problem."

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RememberThe3573244d ago

I thought videogames were the scourge of our generation? This is blasphemy!

Halfofme3244d ago

This'll probably be turned around to look bad at some point though.

Cyrus3653244d ago

well some positive gaming news for a change, although you won't see this make headlines, cause it's much more easier, and attention grabber to hate on gaming, just look at the general media stories about gaming.